Queen Elizabeth’s Iconic Transformation — See the 93-Year-Old Royal Monarch Through the Years

It’s no surprise Queen Elizabeth has one of the most iconic transformations in history. Besides being the longest-reigning British monarch ever, the 93-year-old has accomplished a lot throughout her life at Buckingham Palace.

Even before she ascended to the throne in 1953, Elizabeth — who was just a princess at the time — had all eyes on her as she eventually became the Queen of England. From her birth in 1926 to her royal wedding to Prince Philip in 1947, her coronation to the queen in 1953 and the births of her children, she has proven to be one of the most regal royals out there.

Although the majority of Elizabeth’s closet is filled with endless ensembles created by top designers like Hermés, Gucci, Barbour and plenty others, she actually loves nothing more than getting a good deal. In a recently published book, titled The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe, dressmaker Angela Kelly revealed the queen loves to shop at thrift stores.

The author — who has served as a personal assistant and senior dresser to the royal since 2002 — explained how she always makes sure to look in the “bargain basket” when shopping for fabric at the consignment store. Although the queen doesn’t accompany Angela on her shopping trips, the England native said she’ll usually pick up “a vibrant fabric, given her fondness for bright colors.”

Angela even recalled the one time she almost missed a flight because she got distracted getting a good deal on silk in Singapore. “A few years ago, after Her Majesty’s Ladies-in-Waiting and I had collected our parcels of silk, I went to make the payment and the stall owners advised me that I could claim tax back on the purchase,” she explained in the book. “The queen is always keen to keep costs down, so off I went in search of someone who could help.”

The longtime designer explained that, as she was purchasing the fabric for Elizabeth, a royal staffer rushed to her and was shouting that their plane was departing at that very moment.

“Soon I was running across the tarmac, flying up the steps to the plane just in time,” she remembered. “I was so thrilled, I shouted over the plane’s engines a phrase I am sure the queen does not hear very often: ‘I’ve got your tax back!’ The look on the Queen’s face was priceless as I handed her the tax refund.”

Although she probably has enough money to open her own designer outlet, Elizabeth’s love of bargaining reminds fans that royals are just like us!

Scroll down below to see the ultimate transformation of Elizabeth through the years!

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