Clint Eastwood Hits The Red Carpet With His Adult Kids — Meet The 8 Eastwood Children!

Even though Clint Eastwood is 89 years old, he still has the energy to continue to do movies. In fact, Clint once stepped out at the L.A. premiere of his newest film, The Mule — but he wasn’t alone. At the special event, Clint was joined by his family, including his daughter, Alison Eastwood, sons Kyle Eastwood and Scott Eastwood, and his granddaughter Graylen Eastwood. Aside from his kids, Alison’s husband, Stacy Poitras, tagged along, as well as Kyle’s wife, Cynthia Ramirez. We’re not done, folks. Clint’s first wife, Margaret “Maggie” Johnson, was there too — as was Clint’s current girlfriend, Christina Sandera.

One other person surprised everyone by attending the premiere: Clint’s adopted daughter. Radar Online recently reported that 65-year-old Laurie Eastwood was kept a secret from Clint for almost 30 years and, according to Laurie’s son, LT Murray IV, Clint didn’t get to meet Laurie until “she was in her thirties.” LT added, “[Laurie’s] mother never told him she was pregnant or spoke to him again.” Laurie’s mother’s identity is not currently known, but it is being reported that Laurie was given up for adoption after she was born.

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So in total, Clint now has eight children. Eight children with six different women, including his two past wives. His marriage to Maggie lasted from 1953 to 1984 and his marriage to Dina Eastwood went from 1996 to 2014.

It was quite important for Clint’s kids to be on the red carpet with him, especially since he believes that performance will be his final acting role. “Clint knows this might be his last film, and he wanted all of his kids to be there,” an insider revealed to Closer Weekly.

Clint’s eldest daughter, Laurie, was also present for the premiere. When she was born, Laurie was reportedly put up for adoption by her mother. It wasn’t until 30 years ago when she searched for her biological parents that Clint apparently realized he had another child. “Laurie wanted to be there, and he wanted her to be there, and for Clint, what he wants, he gets,” the source explained.

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