Pierce Brosnan Handpicked the Artwork From That Memorable ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ Bowler Hat Scene


  • Pierce Brosnan performed the title position in 1999’s The Thomas Crown Affair.  
  • An artist himself, Pierce Brosnan personally chosen René Magritte’s “The Son of Man” for the bowler hat scene.  
  • Rene Russo referenced the bowler hat portray in the final line of The Thomas Crown Affair

The bowler hats. Say these three phrases to anybody who’s watched 1999’s The Thomas Crown Affair and, likelihood is, no additional clarification is required. In the John McTiernan movie, Pierce Brosnan’s title character memorably evades authorities with assist from a portray. And, in fact, a lot of males in bowler hats. Seems, the actor selected the portray himself.

The portray in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ is René Magritte’s ‘The Son of Man’ 

Seeing as the remake of the 1969 model facilities round the museum theft of a Monet portray, it’s no shock The Thomas Crown Affair options varied artistic endeavors. Brosnan’s character eats in entrance of a portray he calls “Haystacks.” In the meantime, a museum safety guard factors out that one other close by work will get extra consideration. 

Then there are the further works seen in Crown’s residence. To not point out the others insurance coverage investigator Catherine Banning (Rene Russo) throws on the hearth at Crown’s tropical hideaway.

Nevertheless, the most well-known piece in the film is arguably the one in the bowler hat scene. So what’s the portray in The Thomas Crown Affair referred to as? It’s the “The Son of Man” by Belgian surrealist René Magritte. 

Pierce Brosnan picked ‘The Son of Man’ for the bowler hat scene 

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In keeping with Gentleman’s Journal, Brosnan chosen “The Son of Man” for The Thomas Crown Affair. The 69-year-old didn’t clarify why he selected that specific portray although he did discuss his curiosity in artwork. 

Brosnan even sketched throughout the interview. “Because, sometimes, you just have to paint! Sitting on calls, sitting on Zoom, sitting here looking at people. It’s nice to stay active,” he mentioned. 

He additionally shared he makes artwork a part of his life even when he’s filming on location.

“Here in Atlanta, in this beautiful apartment, I have a studio. It’s just a spare room, turned into a studio, where I set up work,” he mentioned. “But, if you’re going to be away somewhere for a long time, I find it’s good to come away with one or two pieces of work that you’ve done there.”

The final line in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ is a nod to the bowler hat portray

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Russo referenced the Thomas Crown Affair portray, aka “The Son of Man,” in the remaining scene, in response to IMDb. “Next time, I’ll break both your arms,” her character instructed Crown after discovering him on her flight. 

So how was it a nod to the bowler hat portray? Per IMDb, Crown modeled himself as the man in the portray. And, in the portray, the man’s left arm appears to be bending backward as if damaged. 

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