Pete Hunziker and Alex Radcliffe Had Intense ‘Blowouts’ Edited out Last Season

Alex Radcliffe revealed he had intense “blowouts” with Pete Hunziker throughout Under Deck Mediterranean Season 5 and the season may have taken a very totally different route if Hunziker hadn’t been fired and edited out of the present. As a substitute of following his romance with Christine “Bugsy” Drake, Radcliffe believes his storyline would have targeted his stress with Hunziker, which apparently change into fairly explosive at one level.

Alex Radcliffe may have had a unique ‘Below Deck Med’ storyline

Hunziker was fired after he shared a racist and sexist meme on Instagram. He was edited out of the present. “Honestly, if he wasn’t edited out, I really don’t know if I would have come across the same as I did,” Radcliffe mentioned on the Under Deck Crusing Yacht Pita Party. “He was my roommate. The way I describe Pete is we all have this friend who has the biggest heart. Is super nice. But every time they talk, you bring them out, you’re like, ‘Please don’t talk.’ But he’ll do anything for you.”

Pete Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe on a Under Deck Mediterranean tender throughout season 5 | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“He doesn’t think before he speaks,” Radcliffe continued. “He’s not the brightest person. Pete, after he said something, you don’t see everything that happened. But with me and Pete, he was my roommate. We were cool, we were very tight. We were always joking around and had a good vibe.”

Pete Hunziker and Alex Radcliffe had a couple of blowouts on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

“But when he lost lead deckhand, obviously I was friends with everyone on the boat,” Radcliffe recalled. “Everyone was kind of sh–tting on Pete because Pete would always f–ck up. All these things were happening. But I was always getting praised. I was always doing the right thing.”

He admits the vibe on the boat induced stress with Hunziker. “I could tell there was a little tension between Pete towards me,” Radcliffe mentioned. “Because [bosun] Malia [White] liked me a lot and everyone liked me. I didn’t have drama. But I don’t know if they would have tried to show Alex and Pete drama. Me and Pete had a few like blowouts. Like we were f–cking in each other’s face.”

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ may have been ‘Alex versus Pete’

“So I’m wondering if it would have been like Alex versus Pete,” he contemplated. “Because I became lead deckhand and …” Including, “The description of the show could have been a little different. Maybe it wouldn’t show as much of me and Bugsy. Because my whole storyline was just me and Bugsy. I didn’t talk a lot or have a lot of confessionals. It was just like me drunk, flirting with Bugsy.”

“Before everything was aired, most of my questions were about Pete or Bugsy,” Radcliffe mentioned. “And then after everything happened then all my questions were just based on Bugsy. So I wonder what would have been shown.”

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