Paul McCartney Was so Grateful to Bob Dylan’s Tour Manager That He Hugged Him for ’10 Minutes’

In 1964, Bob Dylan met Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon. Dylan and The Beatles have been two of the most important musical acts on the time, and so they all admired one another’s work. Their assembly was notably important to The Beatles as a result of Dylan launched them to marijuana for the primary time. McCartney was so grateful that he gave Dylan’s tour supervisor a prolonged hug.

Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan | David Redfern/Redferns; Cummings Archives/Redferns

Paul McCartney and the remainder of the Beatles met Bob Dylan in 1964

Dylan and The Beatles met on the Delmonico Resort in New York Metropolis. Dylan and his tour supervisor, Victor Maymudes, weaved their method by way of an enormous crowd exterior the constructing hoping to see The Beatles.

“We proceeded to the elevator and headed up to the top floor,” Maymudes wrote in his e-book One other Aspect of Bob Dylan: A Private Historical past on the Highway and Off the Tracks. “There was a cop in front of every door going down the hallway, all sitting in chairs in front of the doors. It was like the president was staying on the floor — totally locked down.”

Paul McCartney Was Satisfied He Discovered the That means of Life After Getting Excessive With Bob Dylan

Maymudes instantly took observe of how totally different Dylan and The Beatles seemed. They have been clean-cut, carrying neat fits and leather-based boots. Dylan, against this, seemed way more informal and, in Maymudes’ phrases, “scraggly.” 

“Of course, they were on tour and we weren’t, but the different styles went beyond that,” he wrote. “At that time, Bob wouldn’t have worn a suit like theirs, even if he played for the Queen of England. An ocean yawned between us, but it didn’t take us long to cross it.”

Paul McCartney felt a wave of gratitude towards Bob Dylan’s tour supervisor

Not lengthy after they arrived, journalist Al Aronowitz, who had helped introduce the 2 musical acts, requested the Beatles, “You wanna get high?”

Maymudes rolled joints for the band, and shortly, McCartney was laughing so onerous that he had tears rolling down his face. 

“A little side note about the Beatles smoking pot: That first night wasn’t actually their first time trying it, like everyone believes,” Maymudes wrote. “They had tried it before but they didn’t get high. The stuff they had was cheap and low quality. They knew about hash, that kind of stuff was more popular in Europe. But until that night, they never had the rush. They’d never laughed till tears rolled down their faces.”

The following morning, McCartney hugged Maymudes out of gratitude. 

“The following morning, Paul came up to me and hugged me for ten minutes and said, ‘It was so great, and it’s all your fault! It’s all your fault because I love this pot!’ He went into his thoughts on music while on it and how it made him feel. ‘It was just magical,’ he said.”

He was later arrested for possession of marijuana

McCartney and the remainder of The Beatles smoked many extra joints after that evening with Dylan and Maymudes. In 1980, McCartney was arrested for bringing half a pound of marijuana by way of customs in Tokyo. He defined that it was for private use, however the quantity put him in danger for a smuggling cost and up to seven years in jail.

“It was very stupid!” he stated, per The Beatles Diary Quantity Two: After the Breakup. “We’d been in America and the attitude to drugs over there is very different and it led me to take a real casual approach. Most people taking that kind of thing into the country would give it to the roadies, that’s the common practice. That just shows that I wasn’t really thinking about it. I was taking my opinion of it instead of the legal opinion of it, and I just didn’t really think much about it, you know till the fellow pulled it out of the suitcase and he looked more embarrassed than me!”

Finally, although, McCartney solely spent 9 days in jail. This was the primary and solely time in his marriage that he had to spend an evening away from his spouse, Linda.

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