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Paul McCartney Threw a Bucket at Reporters Who Were Trying to Prove He Was Alive 

On the finish of the Nineteen Sixties, rumors abounded that Paul McCartney was lifeless, and two reporters set out to get to the underside of it. The difficulty was, they stopped by McCartney’s home when he neither anticipated nor wished them there. He’d been struggling to discover path in his post-Beatles life and was livid to discover the reporters at his doorstep. McCartney greeted them by flinging a bucket at them.

Paul McCartney | Tony Evans/Timelapse Library Ltd./Getty Photographs

There was a rumor that the Beatle was lifeless

In 1969, an nameless caller contacted a Detroit radio station and informed DJ Russ Gibb to play the intro from “Revolution 9” backward. When he did, Gibb heard the phrases, “Turn me on, dead man.” Equally, at the top of “Strawberry Fields Forever,” John Lennon says, “I buried Paul.” 

A rumor started to crystallize: McCartney had died in a automotive accident in 1966, and the band changed him with somebody new. Followers started in search of clues within the band’s outfits, album covers, and lyrics. 

“They said, ‘Look, what are you going to do about it? It’s a big thing breaking in America. You’re dead,’” McCartney informed Rolling Stone. “And so I said, leave it, just let them say it. It’ll probably be the best publicity we’ve ever had, and I won’t have to do a thing except stay alive. So I managed to stay alive through it.”

Paul McCartney angrily greeted investigating reporters at his door

McCartney, in fact, was not lifeless however was residing away from the general public eye in Scotland. Although reporters from Life Journal had his handle, they wished proof that he was alive. So, they set out to get a image of the Beatle. 

Correspondent Dorothy Bacon and photographer Terence Spencer arrived at McCartney’s dwelling on a Sunday morning and knocked on the door, digicam at the prepared. A visibly livid McCartney opened the door.

“He was absolutely red in the face with fury,” Spencer mentioned, per the e book Paul McCartney: A Life by Philip Norman. “He had one look at me and hurled the slop bucket. The irony was that I definitely got a shot of that. And he missed me, but then he stepped forward and hit me across the shoulder. Now, I’d covered six wars and never been hit by anything or anyone until Paul McCartney punched me. So I told Dorothy, ‘I think we’ve run out of our hospitality,’ and we turned around and left.”

Paul McCartney chased the reporters down

As Spencer and Bacon made their manner off the property, they heard McCartney make his manner behind them in his automotive. 

“I told Dorothy, ‘For God’s sake, be careful, because that man is mad,’” Spencer mentioned.

As a substitute, McCartney was there to apologize. He provided an interview and photoshoot with the journal in trade for the roll of movie with the shot of him throwing the bucket. 

“It’s not a very nice picture of me,” he mentioned. “You’ve just got that bucket flying through the air.”

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