Paul McCartney Said His Love For Elvis Presley Was ‘Religious More Than Sexual’


  • Paul McCartney thought Elvis Presley truly wrote “Love Me Tender” and “Hound Dog.”
  • Paul mentioned he was in love with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll however the love wasn’t sexual.
  • John Lennon was additionally an enormous fan of the singer’s early work.
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Paul McCartney mentioned he was an enormous fan of a part of Elvis Presley‘s career. Paul said his love for Elvis was “religious more than sexual.” In addition, John Lennon said he was attached to the “Can’t Assist Falling in Love” singer.

Paul McCartney thought Elvis Presley truly wrote ‘Hound Dog’

Within the 2015 guide Conversations with McCartney, Paul mentioned who educated him on rock ‘n’ roll. “It was basically the ones who had hits in Britain,” he mentioned. “Elvis was prime of the checklist, he was the last word groove. We didn’t know he was taking it off blues, we thought it was him.

“We just heard Elvis singing ‘Love Me Tender,’ didn’t know anyone else had ever done it,” he mentioned. “Or ‘That’s All Right Mama,’ or ‘Hound Dog.’ It just added to his legend: How does he think of these things!” For context, “Love Me Tender” was primarily based on the American folks ballad “Aura Lee” whereas “That’s All Right” and “Hound Dog” have been covers of songs by Arthur Crudup and Massive Mama Thornton, respectively.

Paul McCartney ‘fell in love with’ Elvis Presley however his love waned after Elvis went into the military

Paul additionally mentioned his emotions about Elvis as an individual. “And he was a great-looking guy with the sideburns,” he mentioned. “We fell in love with him. Not in any sexual way, just pure … religious more than sexual.”

Paul mentioned his view of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll developed over time. “He was brilliant,” he mentioned. “Until he went in the army, and then he was goosed. He used to call everyone ‘Sir’ after that — mind you, he used to call everyone ‘Sir’ before that, it was just Southern — but he came out of the army and it felt servile. He went into films and I never got off on him again.”

Paul mentioned the early interval of Elvis’ profession caught with him. The truth is, he loved all of the songs Elvis launched earlier than becoming a member of the military.

John Lennon had some comparable ideas concerning the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

The guide All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono contains an interview from 1980. In it, John mentioned Elvis at size. He mentioned, from a distance, the “All Shook Up” star might have felt like a father determine to him. John mentioned “That’s All Right” and “Hound Dog” have been two of the songs from the singer’s “great period.”

Like Paul, John felt Elvis was engaging. John determined to not see the “Jailhouse Rock” singer carry out stay when he obtained the prospect. This was as a result of John felt Elvis wasn’t the identical man he was throughout his peak years.

Paul and John have been each Elvis followers — however solely Paul mentioned he had a spiritual attachment to the singer.

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