Pattie Boyd Said She Had Never Met Anyone Like George Harrison

In 1964, Pattie Boyd started a relationship with George Harrison, one of the vital well-known individuals on the earth on the time. Regardless of his degree of superstar, Boyd stated that their relationship was comparatively regular. At instances, she even forgot that she was relationship a well-known musician. Nonetheless, she stated that she had by no means met anybody like Harrison, which was partly resulting from his life-style. 

A black and white picture of George Harrison sitting with his arm around Pattie Boyd's shoulders.
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Pattie Boyd and George Harrison met on the set of the primary Beatles film

Boyd was working as a mannequin when she received the information that she had been forged within the Beatles movie A Onerous Day’s Evening. She was instantly interested in Harrison, and he felt equally — on the finish of the primary day of capturing, he requested her to marry him. When she laughed him off, he requested if she’d go to dinner with him. Boyd had a boyfriend on the time and turned him down. 

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As days handed, although, she realized she wished to go on the date with him. At her buddies’ urging, she broke up together with her boyfriend forward of the second day of capturing.

“I saw George again on March 12, a few days before my twentieth birthday,” she wrote within the e book Wonderful Tonight. “He had turned twenty-one the month before. There was a press photo call at Twickenham Studios and each of us schoolgirls had to stand behind a Beatle and pretend to do their hair. I made a beeline for George. He seemed pleased to see me and asked how my boyfriend was. I told him I’d dumped him. He grinned and asked me to have dinner with him.” 

She stated that she had by no means met anybody like him

Boyd and Harrison rapidly started relationship. Beatlemania was heating up world wide, however she hardly ever felt as if she was relationship a celeb.

“I almost forgot that George was a famous pop star,” she wrote. “As far as I was concerned he was just my boyfriend — I saw the Beatles performing for the first time on Ready Steady Go! It was the pop show on television, presented by Cathy McGowan, and everyone watched it. There was George, doing what he did. I couldn’t believe he looked so different, almost as if he was in uniform. Until then I’d had no experience of people who adopted a stage persona that was entirely different from their private one.” 

Boyd additionally stated that she had by no means met anybody fairly like Harrison. This was due partly to his superstar standing, regardless that he didn’t appear to be a celeb to her.

“I had never met anyone like George before, or experienced anything like the glamorous world he inhabited,” she wrote.

To Boyd, Harrison’s world felt very removed from the small residence that she shared together with her buddy. 

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison married in 1966

After two years of relationship, Boyd and Harrison married in a small, intimate ceremony at a registry workplace in Surrey. 

“Not the most glamorous place, it was not the wedding I had dreamt of — I would have loved to be married in church, but Brian didn’t want a big fuss,” Boyd defined. “They all trusted him so implicitly that when he said it should be a quiet register office wedding George agreed. He also said it had to be secret — if the press found out, it would be chaotic.”

They remained collectively till 1977. Each Boyd and Harrison went on to marry different individuals.

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