Oprah Winfrey Once Had Unusual Concerns for Her Love Scenes With Forest Whitaker in ‘The Butler’

Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker as soon as co-starred as husband and spouse for the critically acclaimed characteristic The Butler.

However Winfrey was apprehensive about some odd particulars when it got here all the way down to her and Whitaker’s intercourse scenes.

What apprehensive Oprah Winfrey about her intercourse scenes with Forest Whitaker

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The Butler was a 2013 movie directed by Lee Daniels. It was based mostly on a real-life butler that took care of presidents in the white home for a long time. Whitaker performed the titular position, whereas Winfrey can be paired up with the esteemed actor as his spouse Gloria. Winfrey hadn’t acted on the time since her starring position in Steven Spielberg’s The Colour Purple. However Daniels persuaded her to do his film a number of years later.

“Lee was relentless. I remember being on my mountain in Maui, where I go to try to restore myself. And he called saying, ‘You need to get ready, because you are Gloria.’ So I did it to have the opportunity to work with Lee. I also did it because Gloria represented to me every woman of that era who sacrificed herself … never bringing her own dreams to fruition because family took precedence over everything,” Winfrey as soon as instructed Parade.

When it got here all the way down to doing love scenes with Whitaker, nonetheless, Lee confided that Winfrey might be a bit troublesome. If solely as a result of Winfrey appeared to query uncommon particulars about her and Whitaker’s intimacy.

“Oprah is just full of questions. I couldn’t answer enough questions. They’re in the bed — it’s the scene where she and Forest were together and they’re making love. So she looks around and she says, ‘What time is it?’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter what time it is.’ ‘What time is it, Lee?’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter. You’re getting laid. Shut up!’ She pulled the covers up over her head,” Daniels as soon as recalled based on Vulture.

Oprah Winfrey refused to strip down for ‘The Butler’

At one level in the movie, Daniels envisioned Winfrey’s character sporting nothing however a bra and panties. It’s one in all a few occasions that Daniels and the media mogul didn’t see eye to eye on set. Initially, Daniels felt he wasn’t going to budge on his execution of the scene.

“And I was not going to let her talk me out of it,” he mentioned.

However Winfrey would quickly persuade the Empire creator that protecting her garments on was more true to her character.

“First of all, she’s a mother and she loves her husband, so she’s not gonna be sitting up in the middle of the day watching her soaps in her bra and panties, smoking. And once she does, the audience can never forgive her,” she mentioned.

Oprah Winfrey instructed Forest Whitaker’s spouse ‘I’m making an attempt to construct a relationship’ with him whereas doing ‘The Butler’

As Whitaker’s on-screen spouse, the media mogul wished the connection to return off as genuine and real as doable on the massive display screen. To do that, Winfrey would typically flirt in refined methods with Whitaker to create intimacy.

“I wanted to have real chemistry [in the film]. I would just sort of ease my way over and then go behind him and rub his shoulders and just stand there and rub his shoulders,” Winfrey as soon as instructed Loose Women. “Sometimes sitting on set I would purposely go and sit next to him, I would put my hand on his knee and start rubbing his knee.”

However she solely proceeded together with her technique after getting the okay from Whitaker’s spouse.

“I called his wife first and said ‘You know, I’m trying to build a relationship.’ And it actually worked,” Winfrey remembered.

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