Omarion Beefing With B2K Members After Verzuz Battle

Artists have been showcasing their music catalog and making an attempt to solidify who’s the very best in tradition’s eyes within the pleasant competitors by way of a Verzuz battle for a couple of years now. The most recent to go for the crown of the King of R&B is Omarion and Mario. Social media customers have collectively agreed that Mario is the higher singer, and Omarion’s former B2K members agree, sparking fairly a heated social media debate.

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Former B2K group members shaded throughout Verzuz battle

Mario and Omarion confronted off in an R&B singing battle for the millennials. To begin it off, Mario reminded Omarion that he didn’t invite his B2K members, so he did so himself. As a joke, he launched a pretend J-Boog, Raz B and Fizz wearing all white, mimicking the Millennium Tour apparel they wore in the course of the 2019 U.S. tour. As soon as they broke out into the Omarion problem, the viewers laughed.

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After the battle, Mario took to Instagram and posted a photograph of a casket, which was in reference to him murdering Omarion within the battle. Among the B2K members joined in for the enjoyable, reminiscent of Fizz posting a video clip from The Temptations mini-series of David Ruffin’s character rubbing his star high quality in his bandmates’ faces, which in flip pissed Omarion off.

The “Icebox” singer determined to reply within the remark part of Mario’s put up to his former buddies. “But to my 3 background dancers, I’m not surprised because this is how y’all always been, even while in the group,” he wrote partially. “Praying for my downfall. Well, keep praying cause I’m overbooked and busy. Meanwhile, y’all really gotta get a job other than hatin on O. I heard UPS is hiring,” he stated in a response.

J-Boog responds to Omarion’s diss and says he lacks expertise and performed soiled to be the star of the group

Boog was not too joyful about being known as a background dancer. In a prolonged put up, he uncovered what he says was the true cause for the group’s demise, and all indicators pointed to Omarion. In keeping with Boog, Omarion was fame-hungry and jealous. He additionally alleges that Omarion was by no means a gifted vocalist and others recorded the leads within the studio. Watching the Verzuz battle again, Boog says Omarion’s lack of expertise is obvious as Mario was coined because the winner.

“This thing we call B2K was never the Omarion show,” he wrote partially. “It was more like a circus and each guy brought a special attraction and collectively it was fun to watch. Watching you only let me know that you were not really paying attention to what was making you Omarion because without us around it’s clear you can’t tap back into him. You look lost, almost like you looking for us to feed off. You are a fame hog and that got the best of you.”

He claims Omarion was envious of the followers fawning over him and Fizz, writing Fizz and Boog had been the favorites. And also you couldn’t perceive that since you sung all of the leads (by old skool group design) however the man who solely talked on the observe and in interviews (ME) and the opposite man who rapped on our singles (FIZZ) had been getting extra love than you.”

The most important blow was one allegation. Boog wrote: “Chris Brown took your career and Bow Wow just took your tour.”

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