Olivia Hack Reveals What Happened

Over seven seasons, Gilmore Ladies launched plenty of memorable characters exterior the core Stars Hole solid. Season 4 concerned Rory (Alexis Bledel)’s time at Yale, the place she met much more new characters. Rory and Paris Gellar (Liza Weil) roomed with two different ladies: Janet Billings (Katie Walder), Tana Schrick (Olivia Hack). Hack mentioned she and Walder shot a scene in season 7 but it surely received deleted, and it might have been her fault. 

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Hack was a visitor on Scott Patterson’s I Am All In podcast on Oct. 12. She additionally shared how she needed to reshoot her very first scene twice, as a result of she seemed too previous to play a 15-year-old prodigy the primary time. Right here is the story of the deleted scene from the ultimate season of Gilmore Ladies.

Tana and Janet had been imagined to return to ‘Gilmore Girls’ earlier than the tip 

The second to final episode of Gilmore Ladies was Rory’s commencement occasion. So it might make sense for Rory’s former roommates to attend. By 2007, Hack was in her mid-20s. If she seemed too previous to be 15 in season 4, she was unrecognizable by season 7.

“For the finale, I think it was the second to last episode of the series, they brought me and Katie Walder who played Janet, they brought us both back,” Hack mentioned on I Am All In. “Nobody asked my agent, it had been a few years, like if I looked different. At the time I had cut off all my hair. I had this pixie cut, it was bleached blond.”

Olivia Hack might inform ‘Gilmore Girls’ was disenchanted in her 

Hack and Walder confirmed as much as movie the Tana and Janet scene. It exists someplace. However, Hack might inform by the seems on the solid and crew’s faces that they weren’t anticipating the brand new Hack.

“And I showed up on set and the collective face drop where they were just like oh no,” Hack mentioned. “So they cut it all out. They cut out all of our stuff and Katie was like, ‘This is your fault. This is on you.’ We shot it but it just never made it in. I think it’s because I just looked completely different.”

Olivia Hack didn’t count on to final so lengthy in season 4 both 

The function of Tana wasn’t essentially imagined to final all through season 4 both. Hack remembers being solid simply to fill the function, after which persevering with to seek out out that Tana was in subsequent episodes. Peter Klausner wasn’t so fortunate. The present didn’t proceed the Laundry Room Man subplot.

“I think it was just kind of a ‘you’re Rory’s roommate at Yale’ thing,” Hack mentioned. “So they just kept doing episodes.”

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