Nicole Polizzi Felt ‘Snooki’ Was Bad for Her Business Brand

Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi was as soon as extra recognized for her actuality TV partying alter-ego Snooki. However as time went on, Polizzi puzzled if Snooki’s reputation was extra of a legal responsibility to her profession.

Nicole Polizzi felt she wanted to go away Snooki behind

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi | Jason Davis/Getty Photos

Polizzi’s way of life was broadcast for hundreds of thousands to see on the unique Jersey Shore. Earlier than settling down, she was recognized for her flirtatious angle and spontaneity. However issues modified after assembly her present husband Jionni LaValle. The 2 would go on to begin a household, which meant that Polizzi’s wild nights had been primarily over.

“I don’t go out drinking anymore. I have two kids. I’m married,” she as soon as mentioned on Daily Beast. “I still have my same personality. I’m still the same person, but I have different priorities and responsibilities.”

She went on to declare that her Snooki persona was no extra.

“It’s been a struggle,” she mentioned. “People, I don’t care who you are, when you think of Snooki you think of the girl from Jersey Shore. She died four years ago.”

However the star left Snooki behind for another excuse. After Jersey Shore ended its unique run, she was inquisitive about constructing a enterprise like different celebrities did earlier than her. However she was fearful that her historical past as Snooki may’ve turned away potential enterprise companions.

“I think it’s more frustrating for my brand,” she mentioned. “When I try to pursue my clothing line and get into stores, they’re like, ‘Snooki from Jersey Shore? We don’t want that mess in here.’ You have to do this. Sit-down meetings. Say, ‘Hi, I’m Nicole. You knew me as Snooki but I’m not her anymore.’”

However Polizzi additionally reminded that, though she’s grown, she hasn’t fully modified. Plainly a tamer model of Snooki continues to be inside the fact star.

“It does feel like a lifetime ago. But if I were to say, ‘that’s not me,’ I’d be lying,” she mentioned in an interview with Aesthetic. “You never really lose your personality. Sometimes I am goofy. I like to have fun and I’m outgoing. I’m just not going out to the club and finding men, and I’m wearing underwear now. Just like anyone else, you grow up, but at the same time you don’t lose yourself.”

The place Nicole Polizzi can be with out ‘Jersey Shore’ and Snooki

Jersey Shore turned a giant a part of Polizzi’s life at an early age. However even she won’t have anticipated the sequence would turn into as standard because it did. She asserted that she at all times needed to be on a actuality TV sequence, as she grew up a fan of them herself.

 “It wasn’t necessarily to be famous. I always wanted to be on reality [television]. I was a huge fan of The Real World and Road Rules when I was growing up. I always wanted to be on a show like that, just to experience it, and then go back to my job and have a normal life. I never necessarily wanted to be famous. It was more about doing reality because I was such a reality junkie; I was obsessed with it,” she mentioned.

With out the celebrity and fortune that got here with Jersey Shore, Polizzi figured she’d be dwelling a really modest life proper now. However it wasn’t a actuality she needed to spend an excessive amount of time fascinated by.

“I probably would still be living in upstate New York by my mom,” she mentioned. “I was going to school to be a Vet Tech, so I’d probably be working in an animal hospital somewhere. But I honestly don’t care. I don’t even want to think about that, because I wouldn’t have my husband and I wouldn’t have my kids. It would be a totally different life that I don’t want to think about. The fact that I met my husband during the show is everything. Everything happens for a reason.”

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