Nick Cannon Says He ‘Failed Miserably’ at Monogamy and Doesn’t Want to Be Married

Nick Cannon has no downside admitting that he’s not the monogamous sort, and the variety of youngsters and ladies in his life proves such. Inside a yr, Cannon welcomed 4 kids. This yr, he jokes that he’ll prime that quantity, as at least three ladies have confirmed they’re anticipating his little one. The Wild N’ Out creator says he enjoys being a father. Nevertheless, he’s now opening up about how his life-style has had its downsides. Cannon is reflecting on how he’s not been the most effective associate in romantic relationships.

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Nick Cannon says he’s failed at monogamy and relationships

With 8 kids in tow, Cannon is reportedly anticipating three extra this yr. His unconventional life-style has many scratching their heads and he says he’s heard the chatter, admitting to his personal shortcomings in relationships.

“I’ve failed miserably so many times at monogamy and relationships,” he mentioned in a latest interview, per The Jasmine Brand. “But God ain’t done with me. We’re gonna figure it out.”

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He’s been open about his views on marriage beforehand, saying he doesn’t consider within the authorized binding of all of it. Nevertheless, he says he does have a special perspective on potential dedication relationships now. “It depends on what you call marriage. Getting the government involved, nah,” he mentioned firmly. “We can go have a ceremony somewhere. Why would [the] government be involved in your love life? That seems so bizarre to me. It’s really a business and to bring business and love together, that’s a tough one to get involved with.”

Regardless of his flaws, Cannon says he’s grown and seems to be ahead to who he absolutely turns into. With that in thoughts, he’s hopeful he’ll discover the proper lady for him. “I’m liking the man that I’m growing into. And I feel like [I’d marry] someone who will understand me and can stand by me…where they’re weak, you’re strong.”

He admits it’s tough balancing so many households

Cannon isn’t presently in a monogamous relationship with any of the moms of his kids, however he insists they’re all conscious and OK along with his life-style. Nonetheless, he says issues can get tough at instances between him and the ladies.

“Life’s complicated, you know,” he as soon as mentioned in regards to the ladies. “Some of the women that I’m involved with deal with it better than others. I think they’re all confident and secure in themselves to even have to deal with a person like me.”

Many marvel how the ladies in Cannon’s life deal with their fashionable household. Cannon says it’s easy.

“They don’t have to, they all get along with me,” he mentioned in an interview with The Massive Tigger Morning Present. It doesn’t matter to him whether or not or not the moms are cordial as a result of he says they’re absolutely conscious of what they entered into with him. “I don’t keep no secrets. They know how I move. I multitask,” he added.

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