Mykelti Opens Up About Growing Up ‘Dirt Poor’ Eating ‘3-Day-Old Bread’ and MREs for Dinner

Sister Wives stars Mykelti Padron (née Brown) opened up about rising up in poverty and consuming “three-day-old bread” and “MREs” for dinner. Christine and Kody Brown’s 26-year-old daughter and her husband, Tony Padron, revealed some new details about Mykelti’s upbringing in Wyoming. She mentioned the household was “dirt poor” earlier than signing with TLC for Sister Wives.

Aspyn, Gwendlyn, Kody, Christine, Truely, Mykelti, Ysabel, and Paedon Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Mykelti claims the household lived in poverty earlier than ‘Sister Wives’

On January 18, Mykelti and Tony went reside by their Patreon account by way of Crowdcast, the place they reacted to the Sister Wives Season 17 finale. After the episode, they mentioned how there’s a disconnect between the older youngsters and the youthful youngsters. “I’m sure their experiences were super different,” Tony mentioned.

Mykelti Padron and Tony Padron on ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 on TLC.
Mykelti Padron and Tony Padron, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

Tony introduced up some tales that Mykelti instructed him about her childhood when the Browns comprised of 4 adults and 12 youngsters. “Mykelti tells me stories [from] when they were like dirt poor, back in the day. And she would have hotdogs for dinner,” Tony mentioned.

Mykelti mentioned her household struggled so badly financially that typically they wouldn’t even get that. “Hot dogs? Are you kidding me? We’d be lucky to get hotdogs,” she mentioned on the reside stream.

Mykelti mentioned the household usually had ‘3-day old bread’ or ‘MREs’ for dinner

The mom of three revealed that she had a troublesome upbringing the place there typically wasn’t sufficient cash for meals.” We’d get bread. Like three-day-old bread,” she admitted. Earlier than the Sister Wives household moved to Lehi, Utah, in a home large enough for all three wives, they lived in a house all collectively in Wyoming.

“So back in Wyoming, my family, my dad’s dad owned a ranch, and on their ranch was a bakery. And one of the things that we actually ate a lot, was that my parents weren’t able to afford anything else, was the discards from the bakery. It was the ‘day olds.’ It was the stuff they couldn’t sell. That’s a lot of what we actually grew up on,” Mykelti mentioned on the reside stream.

She additionally revealed that one other staple for the Brown household was MREs or meals equipped by the U.S. navy. Mykelti doesn’t know the way the household obtained the MREs, however she mentioned that her household had a “huge stockpile” as a result of they have been “cheap.”

The distinction between the older Brown youngsters’s upbringings vs. the youthful youngsters

Mykelti acknowledges that the older Brown youngsters or the youngsters born pre-Sister Wives have a special expertise than the youngsters born after the household began getting TLC paychecks.

“So my older siblings’ relationship and experience with my dad and my moms is vastly different than my younger siblings’ relationship and experience because my younger siblings,” Mykelti mentioned. She thinks that her mother and father having the ability to afford “fresh groceries” is an expertise that she didn’t have as a toddler.

She additionally mentioned that again then, Kody was a greater father. “My dad was a better father when I was younger,” she mentioned. “I think that when his kids multiplied like crazy, it started to get harder because it was harder to have relationships with all of them. So I think he was a better father when I was younger,” she concluded.

Kody’s nephew’s expertise working on the bakery

Within the podcast Yr of Polygamy Podcast, Kody’s nephew, Benjamin Brown, opened up about working within the bakery on the household’s ranch in Wyoming. Within the episode King Benjamin and a Tale of the AUB, which aired on June 21, 2022, he known as the ranch a “Mormon polygamist compound” and spilled a few of the darkish secrets and techniques.

Kody Brown on a horse on his family's ranch in Wyoming on 'Sister Wives' on TLC.
Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

In keeping with Benjamin, there could possibly be 20 to 30 individuals on the ranch at any given time, of these have been primarily youngsters who have been all homeschooled. The household are members of the Mormon Fundamentalist offshoot, the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), and didn’t belief the surface world.

Benjamin revealed that the Brown household then began a bakery to proceed their pursuit of buying land. However as a result of concern of outsiders or “gentiles” coming into the ranch, they employed their younger youngsters to do the labor.

Kody’s nephew was simply eight years previous when he began working on the household’s bakery and was operating the place by the point he was 14 years previous.

Benjamin labored on the bakery making “25 cents an hour,” 6 days every week, typically 15-hour days. Browns transported the bread to Yellowstone Nationwide Park to promote to vacationers. And so, within the peak of the summer season, Benjamin mentioned they’d make over 2,000 loaves a day.

In keeping with Mykelti, the ranch remains to be within the household. Since Kody’s father, William Winn Brown, died, the ranch was handed right down to Kody’s brother and his brother-in-law.

It’s fascinating to listen to about Mykelti’s expertise rising up as a toddler of plural marriage. The additional the grownup youngsters detach from the household and Sister Wives, the extra truthfully they’ll discuss their experiences.

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