Morgan Wade’s Ex Believes Her Relationship with Kyle Richards from ‘RHOBH’ is ‘Authentic’

Nation singer Morgan Wade’s ex-girlfriend Kady Cannon opened up about what she actually thinks is occurring between Wade and Kyle Richards from The Actual Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Cannon, who appeared on Temptation Island, believes that Wade and Richards usually are not hanging out collectively for a publicity stunt and their relationship is doubtless very real.

Kady Cannon thinks Morgan and Kyle have an genuine relationship

Cannon discovered of Wade and Richards’ relationship final spring. “They seem pretty close,” Cannon mentioned about Wade and Richards on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “They seem pretty genuine you know like I don’t think that anything is for PR.  That is, like, a narrative that I’ve heard is, oh, this is a PR stunt. I think that their relationship is authentic.  I do. That’s my opinion. I know Morgan … well. I don’t know Kyle at all but based on me knowing Morgan, I would say that it’s authentic.” 

Morgan Wade, Kyle Richards, and Teddi Mellencamp | David Becker/Getty Pictures for iHeartRadio

She added, “I never met Kyle during that time. They didn’t like hang out because they didn’t live in the same place. It was all just like I said, the information that I had. I also don’t know the full truth.”

How was Teddi Mellencamp concerned within the Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards relationship?

Cannon was first launched to Richards by means of a Wordle group through Teddi Mellencamp. “I found out a lot of things after Morgan and I broke up. So I don’t know, I’m not convinced that I was privy to the truth because there’s been a lot of information that I have found out after the fact,” Cannon mentioned. “So, like I said, based on the information that I had, it was just a casual Wordle group. I mean, obviously, she was like, kind of getting excited that it was like these Real Housewives, you know.”

Cannon added that being related or associates with any of the Housewives is a giant deal.   

“I mean, I’m sorry, if any one of us became friends with any of the Real Housewives we’d be pretty giddy about it too,” she mentioned. “You know, it’d be kind of cool. It’d be like, oh my gosh, like this and this happened. You’re gonna be kind of excited. Like, oh, and they were talking about this Berkin Bag and that Berkin Bag and this and that, you know, you’d be like, oh, this is so crazy, you know?” 

“I found out information that wasn’t what I thought it was after we broke up and after headlines broke,” she mentioned referring to Richards and Wade’s relationship. “Just like things that didn’t add up. And I don’t wanna get into our specific details of that but just some untruthfulness. I already knew that was going on. Obviously your intuition, you kind of know. And that you may not know the whole truth, but, you know that, like, things are adding up, and you’re gonna have to, like, OK, I need to walk away without having the whole truth because you owe to yourself and all.” 

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