Michael Jackson’s Brother Said 1 Thing Would Have Saved His Life


Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine Jackson, felt his brother’s life would have been saved if he had made one resolution. Curiously, it’s a resolution Jermaine made himself.

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Michael Jackson‘s brother, Jermaine Jackson of The Jackson 5, made a bold statement about the King of Pop. Jermaine felt his brother’s life would have been saved if he had made one resolution. Curiously, it’s a resolution Jermaine made himself.

Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine Jackson, needed him to transform to a different faith

Throughout a 2010 BBC interview quoted by Praise 102.1, Jermaine mentioned a conversion to Islam would have saved the “Thriller” singer. “God is so powerful,” Jermaine mentioned. “[Michael] was studying. He was reading a lot of books, because I brought him books from Saudi Arabia. I brought him books from Bahrain.”

Jermaine defined he needed Michael to relocate to Bahrain, a small Muslim nation. “I was the one who originally put him in Bahrain because I wanted him to get out of America because it was having a cherry-picking time on my brother,” he revealed.

Jermaine went on to say Michael put loads of religion in Muslims. “All of his security became Muslims because he trusted Islam, because these are people who would lay their lives down and also who were trying to be the best kind of human beings they could possibly be not for Michael Jackson, for Allah,” he mentioned. “So having those people around, you knew that you would be protected because it is protection from God.”

Jermaine revealed the affect Islam had on his personal life. “When you are 100% clear in your mind as to who you are and what you are and why you are and everybody around you, then things change in a way that’s better for you,” mentioned Jermaine. “It’s just having that strength.”

Michael Jackson’s brother mentioned the King of Pop left the Jehovah’s Witnesses over a video

In his 2011 e book You Are Not Alone; Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes, Jermaine mentioned the Jackson household had been Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of many comparatively uncommon Christian denominations that reject the Trinity and, subsequently, the divinity of Jesus Christ. They’re additionally identified for utilizing “Jehovah” as a private title for God.

With a heavy coronary heart, Michael severed ties with the faith in 1988 as a result of they condemned him for utilizing a firearm in a dramatic scene from his music video for “Smooth Criminal.” Michael felt the group was hindering his inventive freedom. This resolution deeply harm his mom’s emotions, however the two of them by no means mentioned it after it occurred.

The King of Pop nonetheless believed God was working by him

When the “You Are Not Alone” singer later mentioned his personal religious beliefs, they appeared nondenominational. Throughout a 1992 Ebony interview quoted within the Los Angeles Times, Michael mentioned he believed God was working by him when he wrote songs. The “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” singer didn’t wish to take credit score for his tunes as a result of he felt they had been God’s work.

Michael mentioned that God selected sure folks as conduits, resembling Muhammad Ali, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Martin Luther King, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Jackson felt he had not but achieved his divine function.

No matter Michael’s views concerning any particular faith, the King of Pop had religion in God. He additionally believed in God’s skill to work by the nice folks of historical past.


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