Meghan Markle’s Late Arrival to the Invictus Games Was Actually a Good Thing, Expert Says

Meghan Markle arrived at the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany, three days after the competitors started on Sept. 9, 2023. In accordance to an professional, the 42-year-old’s tardiness might have truly been a good factor for her and Prince Harry. Why? As a result of it created a dynamic between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex comparable to their first-ever Invictus Games look. 

Meghan apologized for being ‘late to the party’ at a Sept. 12 Invictus Games occasion

Meghan Markle | Jordan Pettitt/PA Pictures by way of Getty Pictures

Talking at Associates @ House, an occasion the place opponents and their households mingled, Meghan took the stage. “Hi, everybody,” she started. “It is so special to be here, and I’m sorry I’m a little late to the party.”

Meghan continued, telling the crowd assembled at the Düsseldorf Airport on Sept. 12, 2023, that her and Prince Harry’s two youngsters, Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2, who reside with their dad and mom in Montecito, California, have been behind her late arrival. 

“Like so many of you, you know this is about family and friends and the community that Invictus has created … and so I had to spend a little bit more time getting the little ones settled at home,” she mentioned. “Three milkshakes and a school drop off, and I just landed a couple of hours ago, and I am thrilled that the first event I can do for Invictus is here with all of you.”

Meghan’s tardiness put Harry in the ‘hosting role’ not not like their 2017 Invictus Games look 

Analyzing Harry and Meghan’s demeanor, physique language professional Judi James famous how the former Fits star’s late arrival made for a dynamic not till their first time at the video games collectively in 2017.

“Harry’s confidence signals have increased with Meghan out there,” James informed Express earlier than including, “it’s easy to see why.” Meghan, she mentioned, used “the kind of back and arm touches, and the adoring face-gazing rituals complete with beaming smiles of approval and support that she did in the early days of their relationship.”

“Her late arrival might even have done them a favour [sic] when it comes to their body language,” the professional continued. “Meghan described herself as having ‘come late to the party,’ but it has allowed Harry to take a hosting role again. Meaning we’re seeing echoes of their body language signals together from 2017 when they first appeared together in public at the Toronto Invictus Games, when Harry took the role of proud host and leader, looking equally proud of his smitten-looking then-girlfriend.”

“Meghan has also been looking keen to join Harry as an equal when it comes to being ‘part of the Invictus family,’” James added. “She has been chatting and hugging athletes and their families and joining in watching the heats using similar signals of immersed interest as Harry.”

A royal writer claims Archie and Lili weren’t the purpose Meghan went to the Invictus Games late

Meghan Markle, whose being late to the Invictus Games helped her and Prince Harry's body language, stands with Prince Harry in Dusseldorf, Germany
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Pictures for the Invictus Games Basis

Whereas Meghan shared that Archie and Lili delayed her Invictus Games arrival, royal biographer Tom Bower has since claimed the mom of two confirmed up late due to one thing else. Calling Meghan’s personal purpose “ludicrous,” the writer pointed to writing a e-book as the purpose behind her Sept. 12 arrival. 

“My information is that she is writing her memoirs, and it will be a huge money-spinner,” Bower informed GB Information (by way of Daily Mail). 

The Invictus Games finish on Sept. 16, 2023. 

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