Martha’s Vineyard’ Star Jordan Emanuel Admits Silas Cooper ‘Really Hurt My Feelings’

Jordan Emanuel admitted that a few of Silas Cooper’s feedback he made about her on Summer time Home: Martha’s Winery have been hurtful and painted her in an unfavorable gentle in the home.

Early within the season, Silas focused Jordan as somebody who went out late at night time along with his spouse Jasmine and allowed males to purchase them drinks. Throughout dinner, he stored hammering away at Jordan and even Alex Tyree joked about how Jordan was the “toxic” good friend.

Regardless of retaining her cool throughout Silas’s line of questioning, Jordan admitted that his views and feedback have been extraordinarily hurtful. She added that Silas additionally found a brand new facet of his spouse he hadn’t thought-about beforehand.

Jordan was in a position to speak to Silas about his remarks and he in the end apologized. “I feel like we had our conversation and I expressed to him that I felt like he kind of set the tone for how everyone views me in the house and how that really hurt my feelings. He apologized,” Jordan informed Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Jasmine Cooper, Jordan Emanuel, Silas Cooper | Stephanie Diani/Bravo

“And you definitely see the ups and downs of navigating our place in each other’s lives. And same with Jasmine, to me is a natural shift, and transition happens when somebody is married and they were not before,” she added. “So you definitely see how we navigate our friendships over the next couple of weeks.”

How a lot did Silas find out about Jasmine earlier than they acquired married?

Jordan mentioned Silas’s issues have been shocking. “It never occurred to me until that trip. Because my assumption was that he was aware or he had witnessed it to some extent,” she mentioned. “And so I guess when we’re peeling back the layers, we’re seeing that he wasn’t. And so that was news to me.”

She additionally puzzled how a lot Jasmine and Silas knew each other earlier than they got married. “I think you can kind of see even when Shanice [Henderson] was talking about it, that I’m uncomfortable,” she mentioned. “Because I don’t know at this point what he’s aware of or what he’s comfortable with.”

Did Jordan query if Silas and Jasmine ought to have gotten married?

As Jasmine’s shut good friend, did the Summer time Home: Martha’s Winery journey immediate Jordan to query their marriage? “Well, they met during the pandemic and then once the pandemic was over, he had training for six months,” Jordan shared.

“And so I think that was really the first time we went to Martha’s Vineyard, was him seeing us in real life, in real-time, you know what I mean? With everything being open and we’re allowed to do things and we don’t have the stipulations that we did prior during the pandemic,” she mentioned.

“He’s experiencing Jasmine as the individual for the first time, while also having just gotten married a couple of months before,” she mentioned. “So I’m sure that must’ve been a very interesting and challenging experience for both of them. Because they’re all doing this with their friends around, but also, for everyone else to see.”

Summer time Home: Martha’s Winery is on Sunday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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