Lucille Ball’s 2nd Husband Made This Legal Move Before Their Marriage ‘Without My Knowledge’

Comedy legend Lucille Ball went through a highly publicized divorce when her 20-year marriage to Desi Arnaz ended in 1960. The I Love Lucy star shared two kids – Lucie and Desi Jr. – with Arnaz and planned on remaining single after their split. Her mindset changed when she met comedian Gary Morton and soon found out he truly married her for love.

Gary Morton and Lucille Ball | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Lucille Ball was drawn to Gary Morton’s strong sense of self

Ball kept busy following her divorce from Arnaz in 1960, and met Morton through friends in December that year. The standup comedian made an immediate impression on Ball. Despite being in the limelight, Morton lacked the self-doubt that usually envelops actors and stage personas.

“There is an acceptance and balance about him,” Ball wrote in “Love, Lucy“. “And in contrast to so many people in present enterprise, he isn’t affected by dozens of insecurities.”

The well-known redhead credited Morton for his confidence and skill to search out Ball’s sensitivity beneath her robust floor.

“He gives his best and seems naturally resistant to the kind of doubt that eats away at so many other performers,” she remarked. “I guess it didn’t take Gary long to realize that beneath my rather brassy exterior, I’m very soft and dependent.”

Gary Morton didn’t care about Lucille Ball’s cash

Although Ball vowed by no means to tie the knot once more after her break up from Arnaz, she realized that her relationship with Morton introduced her a way of calm. Their wholesome relationship prompted her to say sure when Morton proposed.

“When I divorced Desi I had no intention of ever marrying again,” Ball admitted. “But this guy did seem too good to let get away. … So, after I’d known Gary for 11 months, I decided to take the big step.”

Ball found that Morton actually had no real interest in her cash. Previous to strolling down the aisle, he had organized for Ball to legally have the only rights to her funds as soon as they have been married.

“Before our marriage, Gary spoke with my lawyers without my knowledge and offered to sign away any interest in my money,” Ball wrote. “He always made an excellent living, and we keep our bank accounts separate.”

Lucille Ball ‘had no qualms’ after making her alternative

The comedy icon identified how her relationship with Morton differed from her first marriage to Arnaz.

“When I fell in love with Desi, it was at first sight,” Ball revealed, in accordance with the ebook Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz by Coyne Steven Sanders and Tom Gilbert. “My love for Gary was slow growth. I liked him before I loved him.”

Gary Morton and Lucille Ball share a kiss during Eisenhower Benefit at Beverly Hills Hotel
Gary Morton and Lucille Ball | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Assortment through Getty Pictures

As soon as Ball stated “yes” to Morton’s proposal, she felt free to benefit from the subsequent step of their relationship. She defined why she felt this marriage can be extra profitable than her first.

“From that moment on, I had no qualms, no apprehension,” Ball shared. “We liked each other before we loved each other. We approve of each other; neither of us is trying to change the other. Gary has a maturity I admire.”

Ball and Morton stated their “I do’s” in November 1961 and remained married till her loss of life in 1989.

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