Lisa Kudrow Reveals How Aging Changed Her Body Image For The Better

Having a constructive physique picture is a battle that many individuals face, together with celebrities—simply ask Lisa Kudrow. The actress well-known for taking part in Phoebe Buffay on Buddies had physique picture points when she starred within the hit TV present. Now 59 years outdated, the actress has accepted her physique and just lately revealed how growing old improved her physique picture.

Earlier than starring in Buddies, Kudrow was safe in her physique. Nevertheless, insecurities started when she started working with Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. In an interview with the podcast Podcrushed, Kudrow shared how she had at all times seen herself as skinny till wardrobe fittings started for the basic present.

At the same time as a toddler, Kudrow thought she was as skinny as “a stick” identical to her dad and her sister. Though photos confirmed Kudrow that she was heavier than she imagined, the actress nonetheless didn’t consider the images. Actually, Kudrow simply thought, “Wow! Pictures really distort reality.” 

As soon as she started taking part in the position of Phoebe, Kudrow acknowledged that she didn’t have the skinny physique she thought she did. As she remarked, “It wasn’t until Friends that I realized, ‘Oh, I don’t look like I thought I looked.’ And that’s what was so jarring.”

The Comparability Entice

On the time, the award-winning actress in contrast herself to her costars which in the end led to her physique insecurities. “It was just seeing myself on the show and seeing myself in clothes and seeing Courtney and Jennifer in clothes,” Kudrow admitted. “And at first I thought, ‘Oh, they know tailoring so they can discuss it with the costume designer about where exactly to take something in.’”

Kudrow quickly realized that it wasn’t simply the tailoring that made the distinction. She found that her physique was bigger than she imagined. Nevertheless, the actress was additionally fast to confess, “I’m not trying to say that I was overweight either. I was not. I just had no idea the shape of my actual body.”

Though the Buddies star struggled together with her physique picture on the time, she was in a position to settle for herself as she aged. “At some point, maybe not til my late 30s or 40s or later, I just realized, ‘It’s ok,’” Kudrow mirrored about her physique. “This is just what I look like.”

For the beloved actress, the dimensions of her physique isn’t what’s vital to her; Kudrow simply needs to be wholesome. Because the movie star shared, “Do what you need to do to be healthy but this is your body and it’s okay.” It’s an excellent sentiment for all of us!

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