Linda Thompson Reveals Kissing Elvis Presley Was Just Like Tasting This Soft and Sweet Candy

Elvis Presley‘s longtime girlfriend, Linda Thompson, was integral to his life for four years. As a couple, they traveled together and shared special memories at the entertainer’s Graceland property. Nonetheless, a few of her most valuable recollections concern her intimate moments with Elvis. Throughout Elvis Week 2023, Linda revealed particulars of what it was wish to kiss the king of rock and roll. She equated it to tasting a preferred delicate and candy sweet.

Linda Thompson discusses intimate particulars of her relationship with Elvis Presley

Elvis and Linda Thompson’s relationship started shortly after he separated from Priscilla Presley. They met in 1972 and dated by 1976.

Linda was invited as a particular visitor throughout Elvis Week 2023 at his Graceland, TN property. This was the primary time she participated within the occasion.

Throughout a fan occasion, Linda shared tidbits concerning her life with the king of rock and roll. Her dialogue turned intimate when she spilled personal secrets.

She stated, “If you take two big fluffy marshmallows, put them together, and the sweetness and the softness that they are, and you just kiss those marshmallows, that’s the closest thing I could come to imagining what it would be like kissing Elvis. Because he did have the softest and sweetest lips.”

Linda continued, “He was so wonderfully affectionate that I know how lucky I am and how blessed to have those memories and to be able to close my eyes and imagine those kisses. And he always had good breath, I don’t know how; he always always had good breath.”

Linda Thompson stated Elvis was ‘like a little child in many ways’

Throughout her dialogue, Linda Thompson revealed that Elvis Presley remained very childlike in his enthusiasm for sure issues. This matter was explored as Linda mentioned adorning the Jungle Room, in any other case generally known as Graceland’s den.

Linda says, “He was so cute. He was very little boyish and much like a little child in many ways.”

She continued, “In the most beautiful ways.” Linda then elaborated on Elvis’ imaginative and prescient for the now notorious Graceland room.

“Honey, I want to feel like there’s moss on the floor, moss growing up the walls and the ceiling,” she says. “Now, it’s become the most iconic room in the house.”

Linda claims Elvis had very “specific” tastes. She says he “worked hard and loved hard and deserved to have his wishes come true.”

Elvis and Linda’s relationship ended amicably

Elvis and Linda Thompson | Tom Wargacki/WireImage

Forward of Christmas 1976, Linda Thompson amicably ended her relationship with Elvis Presley. By the point they broke up, the couple had been collectively for 4 and a half years.

Linda reportedly ended her relationship with the king of rock and roll as a result of she wished a quieter life out of the highlight. She wished to marry and have kids.

In an Instagram story reposted by Express, Linda spoke of how Elvis reacted to their breakup. He reportedly headed upstairs to his non-public suite as soon as Linda advised him she wanted to finish their relationship.

Linda reportedly didn’t learn the way Elvis reacted till his Aunt Delta advised her the reality. In response to Delta, he performed certainly one of his most well-known late tracks, “Unchained Melody.”

Elvis advised his Aunt Delta: “You can’t just forget someone you’ve spent almost every day with for four and half years.” Linda added: “Every time I hear this song, I think of what she told me.”

Linda Thompson would marry Bruce Jenner, with whom she had two sons. Elvis Presley turned engaged to Ginger Alden towards the tip of his life, earlier than his demise on Aug. 16, 1977.

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