Lexi Wilson’s Shocking Tirade Left the Cast Speechless – Is This the Last Straw?

The Under Deck Mediterranean crew weren’t ready for the stunning smackdown between Lexi Wilson and chef Mathew Shea and plenty of had been left feeling that Wilson took this combat manner too far.

Pressure began when Wilson determined to take a seat out a day of water sports activities with the crew, however joined them for lunch. Shea and Wilson’s snarky trade began with a simmer throughout lunch. However exploded throughout dinner, ending with Wilson threatening Shea with bodily violence.

Pressure constructed between Lexi Wilson and Chef Mathew throughout lunch

The crew began ingesting throughout lunch. Shea kicked off the feedback by saying that possibly Wilson may depart the boat and Delaney Evans may substitute her. “I’m going to ignore him,” Wilson mentioned to Evans, exhibiting restraint.

David Pascoe and Lexi Wilson from Under Deck Mediterranean have dinner with the crew | Laurent Basset/Bravo

However Shea continued to come back for Wilson. “I’ve never disliked someone more in my life,” he mentioned to her. Courtney Veale informed Shea to cease with the feedback. However Wilson mentioned, “The feeling’s mutual. You don’t matter in my real world.” Shea and Wilson continued to jab at one another from throughout the desk and the crew informed them to cease. Wilson known as Shea a “low life” and insisted that nobody put Shea in his place.

Lexi Wilson and Chef Mathew’s combat begins to warmth up

The crew desperately tried to separate Shea and Wilson throughout lunch. However they continued spitting hearth at one another to the level the place everybody was irritated and exhausted with their bickering. “It’s so f**king petty,” Veale mentioned. “How old are we? 16? Enjoy this place. Put your f**king sh*t behind you and sit down.”

Shea walked away however first informed Wilson she was a “horrible human being.” To which she responded, “Your mother is.” However they stored preventing even when Shea moved to the finish of the desk. “I ain’t sorting this out,” chief stew Katie Flood mentioned in a confessional. “And we’re not at work. So they need to learn you can’t speak to people like that.”

In the meantime, Malia White frolicked with cats “because these people suck” she mentioned in a confessional.

Lexi Wilson says she would have ‘smacked’ Chef Mathew

Lunch was mere little one’s play for what was to come back throughout dinner. Wilson napped in the van experience to the restaurant and determined to proceed sleeping whereas the remainder of the crew went to dinner. A number of crew members tried to wake Wilson however she wished to sleep. After a two-hour and 15-minute nap, Wilson joined the crew.

The crew managed to complete their meal, however when the examine got here, the argument returned. “Mat you’ve paid for so much,” White noticed when Shea paid for a few of the meal. However Wilson noticed that Shea “hasn’t paid for that much.” Silence.

“I just wanna pay for everyone but Lexi,” Shea mentioned. “I’ve had enough of her bullsh*t.” However that’s when Wilson took the warmth too far. “He’s f**king re******,” she remarked, leaving the crew utterly shocked. “He can’t help it.”

Now the crew is completely shocked. Deckhand Lloyd Spencer is seen shaking in his seat. “Mental health took a battering this year,” he informed White.

However their shock was elevated when Wilson mentioned, “Your parents should have aborted you,” to Shea when he mentioned she had “bad parents.” She rose from her seat including, “If this wasn’t on camera I would have smacked your a**.”

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