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Leva Explains How She Made Peace with Kathryn – But Still Got Stuck in the Middle [Exclusive]

Southern Allure Season 8 began with a bang when Naomie Olindo and Kathryn Dennis clashed throughout the season opener. Dennis threw herself a lavish thirtieth party and invited Olindo however there was nonetheless dangerous blood as a result of Olindo was steamed Dennis shared a rumor about Cameran Eubanks final season.

Whereas on digicam, Dennis advised Craig Conover that Eubanks’ husband had cheated on her. Conover shortly shut down the rumor and Eubanks stated it was unfaithful. And though Olindo was not on the present final season, she was livid Dennis shared the rumor and made certain Dennis knew. Dennis and Olindo have a tense second towards the finish of the get together and Leva Bonaparte tries to play peacemaker … a job she ended up with fairly a bit this season she advised Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Leva stated she was completely caught in the center between Kathryn and Naomie on ‘Southern Charm’

“So it ended up being that it exactly – [in the middle],” she stated about attempting to maintain the peace at the Southern Allure get together. “Naomie has far more history with Kathryn than I do. Naomie is also a fiercely protective friend. So I think she was coming in from a space of being protective over Cam, protective over me, protective over what’s right, you know?”

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“And I had already gone on that journey with Kathryn, so I was like, I’ve already done this, so I don’t want to do it again,” Bonaparte added about her confrontations with Dennis throughout the final season of Southern Allure. “But I do also think that you guys don’t have to be best friends, you know? And I think that’s the place that I was trying to push Naomie to. Like, you don’t have to be that invested. If she makes different decisions than you do or I do, then that’s OK. We’re not all besties, but we are friends and in the same friend group. It’s always like that. There’s like a few that are closer and then the few that are not, but you still enjoy them socially.”

How did Kathryn and Leva squash their beef?

Bonaparte was the forged member at odds with Dennis final season of Southern Allure as a result of she known as her out for sharing the rumor. She additionally questioned Dennis when she was accused of creating a racist comment on social media. “And so what you guys didn’t see on the show was that obviously, we made some amends at the reunion,” Bonaparte stated. “We had some real genuine, ‘I’m sorries.’ You know, I always stand in ‘I said what I said’ but I don’t always think my delivery was the best with her. And I think I didn’t know her character well enough.”

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“So I could only see things from what I knew of her character, which to me, I was like, you’re not answering, then you don’t care,” she mirrored. “And come to find out, she struggles with a lot of anxiety. The way she navigates that anxiety is very different than the way I do. So, a lot of personality things muddled it up, right? So we said some apologies and then we went to dinner.”

Leva didn’t need Kathryn Dennis to be canceled

Bonaparte stated she and Dennis moved ahead after final season’s fallout on Southern Allure. “We went to dinner together after the reunion because we genuinely wanted to show people that friends can move on from this kind of thing, which is essentially why I addressed it in the first place. I didn’t want a cancelation,” she insisted. “And I wanted to just be like, I’m not OK with this. I need you to take accountability and let’s find a way to move through it. I’m still next to you. I’m not OK with the comments, but I’m still next to you. And so that’s sort of like how we wanted to navigate it.”

“So we went to dinner. We made a vow that we understood each other more,” she shared. “I understood her perspective and we put it to rest at that point. And I tried to be the best I could with her. Obviously, we’re not close friends, but I want it to just be a fair friend. A fair, decent person to her. And so we sort of made a pact that we would do right by each other.”

But Leva needed to play peacemaker for everybody on ‘Southern Charm’ … and he or she was over it

But Bonaparte stated she was continuously having to be the larger individual this season of Southern Allure and tried to play mediator. “Yeah, 100%. Especially this year,” she stated. “I just found myself constantly in this role. And it might be just because I can’t turn off micromanaging [laughs]. I work my household and I had a lot of stuff going on. I was very stressed out this year, incredibly stressed out.”

“We went from doing nothing to doing everything,” she recalled. “A lot of stuff that I was internally struggling with, just like the bounce back. I hate to say this, but it’s like we didn’t even lube up for this. It’s just like we’re back in business. It’s insane [laughs]. We’re hiring. Places are packed. I have a child, you know?”

“So I was struggling with a lot on the inside that I just didn’t have the bandwidth for the fighting,” she stated. “Just stop the fighting. The fighting just doesn’t matter. None of this matters. And, I was still very affected by Covid, I think. So I was just like, none of this is big enough to really just fight this deeply about. So it was a little bit of that, too. But I’m bossy, too. I’m a bossy girl. There’s worse things to be, but I am.”

Southern Allure is on Thursday at  9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. 

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