Kody Brown Irritated by ‘Independent Woman’ Christine As She Packs Her Belongings in a Trailer

In a sneak peek for the November 27 episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown and Christine Brown argue over find out how to load the final of her belongings into a trailer. Within the clip, Kody will get irritated by Christine taking management and by being an “independent woman.”

Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

Kody asks Christine for assist loading up a trailer

In a clip for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Christine asks Kody to return over and assist pack up her trailer in preparation for her transfer to Utah. “So, are you moving all of that stuff?” Kody questions her as he notices all of the bins stacked in the storage.

She put all the gadgets in order of heaviness in order that they might load them up rapidly. “When you’re pulling a trailer, you want the weight in the front. If your weight is in the back, then it starts lifting in a way that’ll start making the trailer rock on the road,” he explains to the cameras. Take a look at the clip under:

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To keep away from this, he suggests placing the snowblower in the again of the trailer. He believes that it’s much less dense than the bins and that placing them in the entrance would make extra sense.

Kody is irritated by Christine being an ‘independent woman’

Christine needs Kody to load the snowblower and to get out, however he’s insistent on serving to. Within the confessional, Christine reveals her frustration over the state of affairs.

“Oh my gosh, all I really need his help for is the snow blower. That’s it. I want it in front because then I’m done, and he can go.” She doesn’t suppose he must be there “micromanaging” her.

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Kody begins arguing in regards to the issues she ought to put in the trailer, telling her the proper option to do it. Then Christine places her foot down. “Yeah, I know you wouldn’t. Kody, I know, thank you. I’m going to be in charge of this. I need those with me now,” she says.

Within the tense second, Kody agrees and instantly hundreds the snow blower into the trailer with out one other phrase. Within the confessional, Kody is annoyed with Christine for not listening to him.

“Yeah, she doesn’t wanna listen to actually good advice, so I’m just gonna cram it all in [the trailer]. Let’s just get this done,” Kody says. “She’s proving that she’s the independent woman now by telling me how the best way to pack this is. It bothered me to the core,” he concludes.

Christine’s favourite half about herself is her capacity to do something

Nevertheless, Christine thinks that her unbiased spirit is among the greatest issues about herself, and it’s due to plural marriage that she turned that means.

“I think it’s super important to be independent as a plural wife. I mean, the guy’s not around, the husband’s not around. He has so many different places to be,” Christine says in the confessional.

“And frankly, that’s one of my favorite qualities about myself — that I can do things on my own. I think it’s so empowering just to be able to get stuff done,” the mom of six concludes.

Kody has typically used the phrase “independent woman” to insult Christine. But it surely’s clear she takes it as a praise and doesn’t appear to be phased by what her ex-husband thinks of her anymore.

New episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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