Kirsten Dunst Was Done With Acting After Audiences Booed Her Film ‘Marie Antoinette’

Actor Kirsten Dunst had a troublesome time submitting Spider-Man 3. This was as a result of earlier than taking pictures the movie, she did one other film that was brutally criticized by followers.

A lot in order that she was ready to stroll away from appearing for good.

Kirsten Dunst nearly give up appearing after ‘Marie Antoinette’ reception

Kirsten Dunst | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Pictures

Marie Antoinette marked a distinct type of movie that Dunst was starring in again in her youthful years. The film was directed by filmmaker Sofia Coppola. It was a historic drama that adopted queen Marie Antoinette through the years earlier than her destiny within the midst of the French Revolution. For Coppola, Dunst was the primary actor that got here to thoughts when conceiving the concept.

“I thought of Kirsten while writing the script because I’d just worked with her and really loved that experience,” Coppola as soon as advised Vogue. “She just has that sparkle that I imagine Marie Antoinette had.”

After assembly with Coppola personally, Dunst determined to play the titular character. When the movie got here out in 2006, nevertheless, it wasn’t completely acquired the best way Dunst or Coppola might need hoped. The film screened at Cannes Film Competition, and Dunst was current when she noticed firsthand how others responded to the flick.

“There were no more than six of them, but it was like they s*** on the film. I was so angry about the way people were talking about it and fed up with this business. The movie was personal to me. It felt like everyone was stamping on me,” she as soon as advised Daily Mail.

The impacts of the film leaked into her efficiency in her final Spider-Man movie.

“I was in a lot of pain while I was making Spider-Man 3,” she mentioned. “Afterwards, I was done with acting. I was so sick of giving myself to other people, because I had nothing in my life that was all mine.”

Kirsten Dunst had different causes for taking a break from appearing aside from ‘Marie Antoinette’

Marie Antoinette wasn’t the one cause why Dunst was at odds along with her appearing profession. Having grown up within the highlight, she started to understand and resent how the movie business was shaping her as an individual.

“It’s not a natural way to grow up, and acting was never a dream for me because it had always been a part of me. It was the only thing I knew –it was just my life,” Dunst mentioned.

It was one of many the explanation why Dunst vowed by no means to place any of her future youngsters by means of the pressures of cinema.

“I’d never put any daughter of mine through acting because, while I loved acting and was happy working as a child, looking back, my happiness always came from pleasing other people – always. It came from satisfying the director or my mum or my acting coach, not from pleasing myself,” she mentioned.

Nonetheless, Marie Antoinette didn’t mark the top of Dunst’s appearing profession, which might proceed to flourish within the coming years. When she was able to return to appearing, although, she needed to take action her method.

‘Marie Antoinette’ was the primary movie Kirsten Dunst did any kind of nude scene in

Coppola and Dunst look again extra fondly at their Marie Antoinette undertaking these days. Whereas it didn’t get a lot of a heat reception when it debuted, Coppola observed that her movie discovered a brand new following through the years.

“I’m so happy it has an audience now because at the time it was not successful. People didn’t go see it; they didn’t really know what to make of it,” Coppola mentioned. “It means a lot to me that it continues to live on.”

Whereas reflecting on the drama, Dunst reminisced about how totally different Marie Antoinette was from something she’d finished at that time in her profession. It additionally featured her first ever nude scene.

“I was so nervous to show my butt in that tent scene because it was the first nude scene of any type I’d ever done,” Dunst mentioned. “In the scene where Jamie and I are making out and he slides me down the bed, I did one take where I showed my breasts and one without. Sofia didn’t end up using that take, but at the time I figured if I was gonna go for it, it should be in her movie.”

However Coppola filmed it in such a method that Dunst was utterly comfy throughout the take.

“I was never leered at and always felt really beautiful through her eyes,” she mentioned.

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