Kelly Wiglesworth Reacted to Sue Hawk’s Infamous Speech in Unaired Confessional

The passionate but merciless “rats and snakes” speech, delivered by Sue Hawk, has gone down in Survivor historical past as some of the memorable moments from the long-running actuality competitors sequence. With essentially the most ruthless components aimed toward Kelly Wiglesworth, she didn’t have an opportunity to give a rebuttal, and the episode didn’t embody her response. Nevertheless, the runner-up gave her first uncooked response to the tough feedback shortly afterward in an unaired confessional.

Richard Hatch, Rudy Boesch, Susan Hawk and Kelly Wiglesworth arrive for the ‘Survivor: The Reunion’ | On-line USA/Getty Pictures

Sue Hawk gave notorious ‘rats and snakes’ speech throughout ‘Survivor: Borneo’

Throughout the first season of Survivor (2000), the ultimate two got here down to cutthroat participant Richard Hatch or Kelly Wiglesworth, who received 4 straight Immunity Challenges to safe her spot.

When confronted with the jury, Sue Hawk, who she voted out, took the chance to unleash on the finalists in a “notorious” speech that has since turn into some of the memorable Survivor moments. She referred to Richard as an “openly arrogant and pompous human being” however praised his spectacular work ethic.

‘Survivor’ Winner Richard Hatch Claims CBS Is Liable for Controversial Incident With Sue Hawk

The jury member then went after Kelly, who she as soon as thought-about her good friend, and claimed she would have most well-liked shedding to her than permitting Richard to get to the tip. Sue additionally claimed she noticed Kelly’s true colours when she turned on their alliance.

Subsequently, the contestant insisted she would vote for Richard to win and cruelly mentioned she wouldn’t assist Kelly if she noticed her “dying of thirst” exterior of the sport. Lastly, Sue “plead” to the opposite jurors to let the sport unfold how “mature nature intended,” which is for the snake, or Richard, to eat the rat, which she dubbed Kelly.

Finally, Sue’s vote did play a task as she misplaced in a detailed 4-3 vote to Richard. After the speech, Kelly addressed her former ally’s remarks in an unaired confessional. She began by noting she didn’t have a “lot to say” however referred to as Sue “immature” for giving the ruthless speech at her age.

Kelly defined she aligned with the Nevada native “early in the game” however knew her ally started scheming towards her, which is why she ended their pact.

Moreover, she famous she didn’t imagine Sue’s comment that she would have sat subsequent to her in the tip because the finalist found out she aligned with Richard. The runner-up continued, mentioning that she solely made it so far as she did as a result of she received her to the tip.

Kelly additionally referred to Sue as a “bad sport” for her bitter speech, noting she hoped for extra “grace and maturity” from her former ally. The finalist concluded by commending herself for her sport however acknowledged she would in all probability by no means compete once more.

She lately revealed she regretted not letting the late Rudy Boesch win

Following a 15-year break, the runner-up returned for Cambodia (2015), adopting a extra conventional strategy to her sport based mostly on loyalty and power in challenges.

Whereas it initially labored, the opposite contestants rapidly recognized her as a jury risk and eradicated her shortly after the merge. After her look, Kelly largely disappeared from the group as she targeted on elevating her son and commenced working with a expertise administration and manufacturing firm.

‘Survivor’ Season 1 Winner Richard Hatch Reveals the Actual Cause Why He Was Bare the Whole Season

In a July 2021 questionnaire with EW, the two-time competitor referred to as making it by means of the competitors with out receiving a vote towards her the “proudest moment” from enjoying the sport.

However, she admitted she regretted not stepping down for the late Rudy Boesch on the last three immunity problem. If she had, there’s a superb probability he would’ve turn into the primary Sole Survivor over Richard. Survivor 41 airs Wednesday at 8/7 Central on CBS.

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