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Kate Middleton ‘Forced’ to Reveal Cancer Diagnosis: Commentator

Kate Middleton was “forced” to reveal her most cancers prognosis. A “leak” was reportedly behind the Princess of Wales’ choice to discuss her well being disaster, claims a royal commentator.

‘Not a coincidence’ Kate Middleton revealed most cancers prognosis

Afua Hagen mentioned Kate Middleton’s choice to reveal her most cancers prognosis in a videotaped assertion. The Princess of Wales launched a video the place she revealed her well being struggles on March 22, 2024.

Hagen believes Kensington Palace rushed to get forward of the information earlier than others unfold it. The next is her commentary relating to the state of affairs.

“I think, to be honest, the Princess of Wales would have preferred to tell the world about her cancer diagnosis perhaps when she was ready to do some campaigning about it and when she was back working in the public sphere,” Afua Hagen advised Talk TV. “Now, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that in the weeks leading up to her announcement, we did have the story of someone trying to breach records at The London Clinic by accessing her private information.”

“Then, a few days later, we learned more about her health information. I don’t think that’s a coincidence,” Hagen continued.

“I don’t know this as a fact, but perhaps there was a danger that this information would be leaked another way, so they got ahead of the story. They took control of the narrative.”

The London Clinic knowledge breach reportedly occurred in January

Lower than one week earlier than Kate Middleton revealed her most cancers prognosis, information of an information breach at The London Clinic was revealed. The breach occurred when upwards of three folks tried to view the Princess of Wales’s non-public well being information.

Afua Hagen advised Speak TV, “It was thought that this data breach perhaps happened in January. Why were we finding out six to eight weeks later?”

“In the week before the Princess of Wales told us her cancer diagnosis on March 22, we were told there were three people under investigation. If one or all of them accessed her data, there would be criminal charges because that’s a data breach. If that has been broken, there could be serious consequences.”

Hagen continued, “There has been some critically poor crisis management by Kensington Palace within this episode, from start to finish. Leaving this information vacuum and thinking we would be OK with that.”

She concluded, “Not getting ahead of the curve. The Princess of Wales was thrown under the bus regarding the apology with the photoshop picture. It should have never gone out in the first place.”

Why did Kate Middleton wait to reveal her most cancers prognosis?

It seems that Kate Middleton waited to reveal her most cancers prognosis till her youngsters, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, had been on Easter break from college. This normal thought was bolstered by Afua Hagen.

“We do know that because of her three children, Charlotte, George, and Louis, she wanted to take the time to tell them when she was good and ready. That was toward the Easter holidays to let them know so they could take time as a family to process that information,” Hagen deduced.

“In terms of telling the wider world, she would have liked to have waited. But there was a certain amount of pressure,” the commentator continued. “I don’t think it was all the conspiracy theories floating around on social media. I think it was more about this data breach than anything. Their hands were forced in some way.”

Kate Middleton is presently being handled for an undisclosed kind of most cancers.

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