K-Drama Cliffhanger Does Not Occur in the Original Webtoon

Followers are nonetheless ready for official information about Candy House Season 2. The 2020 Okay-drama starring Tune Kang is predicated on a well-liked webtoon of the identical title. The primary season cliffhanger left room for the most important characters to return for a brand new season so long as Tune Kang reprises his position as Hyun-soo. However a second season may need been in the books all alongside, as the Candy House webtoon doesn’t have the identical ending as the Okay-drama.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Home webtoon.]

Hyun-soo and Ui-myeon in ‘Sweet Home’ Okay-drama | through Netflix

‘Sweet Home’ Okay-drama has Hyun-soo kidnapped by the main villain

In the Netflix Okay-drama finale, Hyun-soo provides in to his full monster aspect that he has been conserving at bay. He does so to avoid wasting the different tenants from Ui-myeon. The character was launched hiding amongst a bunch of mercenaries who he later betrays and kills. Ui-myeon can also be a particular contaminated who’s supposedly the sole survivor of a church. In actuality, the Ui-myeon followers see just isn’t the actual individual. He was contaminated by a slime-like monster.

When he meets Hyun-soo, he convinces him that monsters and people can’t co-exist. The federal government additionally distributed flyers giving refuge to anybody who turns in a particular infectee. Ui-myeon begins to consider the constructing tenants will flip towards him and begins to kill them.

Hyun-soo turns into his full monster kind to avoid wasting them from Ui-myeon and permit them to flee to security. Of their combat, Ui-myeon makes use of his powers to dissolve right into a slime kind and escapes. Hyun-soo turns himself in to the authorities.

However in the finale, Hyun-soo wakes up in a navy tank pushed by Sang-Wook. Ui-myeon possesses his physique and kidnaped Hyun-soo to go on the run.

The webtoon ends on a special word in comparison with the ‘Sweet Home’ Okay-drama

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For followers of the unique webtoon, the Candy House Okay-drama ends on a cliffhanger that doesn’t happen in the unique story. In line with the story on Webtoon, Ui-myeon goes by the title Eun-hyuk. However the closing battle goes in another way than what followers see on display.

Hyun-soo turns into his full monster model and Eun-hyuk transforms as effectively to cease him. However Eun-hyuk transforms into an enormous tentacled and out-control monster that takes over each of them and causes their deaths. In the aftermath, the tentacles disintegrate and reveal two cacoons. Certainly one of them hatches to disclose Hyun-soo.

The webtoon story has an epilogue the place the new Hyun-soo arrives at the navy facility the place the surviving tenants stay. Certainly one of the characters requires one in all the tenants who’s comfortable to see Hyun-soo alive. They embrace as the remainder of the tenants go to greet him.

The Okay-drama’s ending was a inventive determination made by the director

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The unique webtoon created by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang was but to be accomplished when the Candy House Okay-drama was being filmed. In line with director Lee Eung-bok to The Korean Herald, he was suggested the serialization of the webtoon was scheduled to finish in July. The director was informed the information earlier in the yr whereas filming the drama.

Regardless of the webtoon ending not being full, Lee noticed no concern in the matter. “I knew roughly how the webtoon ended because the author tipped me off. I thought it would be better for the ending of the drama to differ a bit from the webtoon because we’re showing on different platforms,” mentioned Lee.

His determination to depart Candy House on a cliffhanger allowed for the chance of a second season that’s rumored to be in manufacturing. Utilizing the webtoon as a information, Lee had many concepts for the monsters in the Okay-drama, however some didn’t make it into the story.

“If there is to be a second season, I want to include the kind, funny monsters in the original webtoon that I didn’t have much chance to include in the first season,” explains Lee. Followers should wait and see how the potential new storyline will play out.

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