Julianne Moore Nearly Suffocating Inspired a Scene in Her Romantic Comedy ‘Trust the Man’

Actor Julianne Moore has constructed up a profitable profession starring in a number of acclaimed movie roles in many film genres.

In 2005, she determined to dabble in the style of romantic comedy. However considered one of the movie’s funnier scenes was impressed by a real-life incident that would’ve ended tragically.

Julianne Moore’s ‘Trust the Man’ was directed by her husband Bart Freundlich

Julianne Moore | Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Photos

Belief the Man was a 2005 romcom movie that includes an all-star forged that included Moore, David Duchovny and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The function was directed by her husband of a number of years Bart Freundlich, who she met after the filmmaker despatched her a movie script. The pair have achieved three motion pictures collectively. This consists of The Fantasy of Fingerprints, Belief the Man, and the emotional After the Wedding ceremony.

For Moore, working together with her longtime husband was of little situation. This was as a result of, aside from simply being a loving husband, Moore additionally thought of Freundlich a gifted filmmaker. One who she had full religion in.

“We’ve been together for ten years, and in any relationship that’s going to be authentic. There is a degree of intimacy that happens. You are each other’s family. It was really fun for me. I really enjoyed it tremendously,” Moore as soon as stated in an interview with MovieWeb. “He’s great, and everybody always says that, but it’s true. He’s a great director. He knows how to speak to everybody in the way that they liked to be spoken to.”

Julianne Moore almost suffocating in real-life impressed a scene in ‘Trust the Man’

Moore and Freundlich emulated a real-life accident for considered one of the scenes in Belief the Man. The romcom included a bit the place Moore’s character eats a piece of cake after attempting to go on a no-carb weight loss plan. Moore’s character finally ends up ultimately choking on the cake that she’s swallowed in entrance of her on-screen husband Duchovny. The scene had uncanny similarities to a real-life incident that occurred to Moore.

“That was based on something that actually happened to me,” she as soon as instructed Artisan News Service.
“Because Bart’s birthday’s in January, and so it’s always kind of around the Golden Globes. And, y’know, you’re always nervous, you don’t really eat. And I think I was waiting for Bart to do something, and I kept slicing up pieces of cake until eventually I sucked it in and choked. So, we put it in the movie because we thought it would be fun.”

Moore’s household life together with her kids was additionally used for the movie. In the function, Moore’s character finds herself being by accident hit by a ball utilized by her on-screen little one. However Moore skilled one thing related in coping with her precise children.

“I’m always the one that gets hit with the balls,” Moore stated of her kids taking part in with balls round her.

Julianne Moore loves that her husband hates her intercourse scenes

Moore has been concerned in many on-screen relationships that typically have love scenes. In an interview with You, the actor confided that her husband isn’t truly eager on these sorts of scenes. However Moore appreciates Freudenlich’s emotions, which she finds a wholesome response.

“He hates it ‒ which I love about him. It is funny because I have to say, ‘It literally is work…’ But I understand it and I think it’s healthy. If you felt it was OK for people to kiss your wife it would be sort of weird. But yeah, he doesn’t love that,” Moore stated.

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