John Lennon’s Mother Was Killed by an Off-Duty Policeman

Although John Lennon’s mom wasn’t round for a lot of his childhood, they’d change into shut in his teen years. He was in a band referred to as the Quarrymen (together with Paul McCartney) on the time of his mom’s loss of life. Simply months prior, he had instructed McCartney: “How can you sit there and act normal with your mother dead? If anything like that happened to me, I’d go off me head.” Then Julia Lennon was hit by a automobile pushed by an off-duty police officer. After that, Lennon did all however lose his head. 

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How John Lennon’s mom died

In 1958, Lennon was nonetheless dwelling largely along with his Aunt Mimi, however staying at his mom’s home typically as effectively. One night when John was out with a good friend, Julia came to visit to her sister’s for dinner. She left to catch the bus round twilight. On the similar time, John’s good friend Nigel Whalley made his approach over to Mimi’s to see if his good friend was there. He bumped into Julia simply exterior of Mimi’s and the 2 chatted for a bit. They mentioned goodbye and Julia began for the bus once more. When she was about 200 yards from her sister’s home, she was hit by a automobile. 

“The quiet of the summer night was split by the terrible sound of screeching brakes and a heavy thump,” reads The Beatles biography The Love You Make by Peter Brown and Steven Gaines. “Nigel Whalley turned at the gate of Mendips just in time to see Julia’s body rise up into the air above the hedges and come down on the other side. By the time Mimi got over to the tram tracks, Julia was dead.”

Julia Lennon was hit by an off-duty police officer 

The automobile was pushed by an off-duty policeman. Mimi was adamant that he went to trial. Whalley acted as a witness, “but the testimony of a young boy didn’t seem to impress the judge very much and the driver was acquitted.”

Mimi was enraged on the end result of the trial. She screamed and cursed on the police officer from the spectator’s dock. She threatened to beat him up along with her cane. 

John was there too, however he watched in dejected silence. He knew no quantity of screaming might convey his mom again. After that day, John slipped right into a pit of darkness. 

John Lennon’s response to his mom’s loss of life

John took his mom’s loss of life extremely exhausting. He fell right into a deep, offended grief. 

“When he went back to art college six weeks later, he was meaner than ever,” reads TLYM. “Fellow students remember seeing him sitting in the solitude of a rear stairwell, staring out the window and crying. He kept himself in a pain-killing stupor of alcohol and, more often than not, spent the whole day a little drunk.”

He appeared to focus on folks experiencing homelessness, these with bodily illnesses, and the aged along with his ridicule. 

“His typical behavior would be to walk up to a hapless paraplegic he encountered on the street and make cruel jokes about his useless limbs,” reads TLYM

Everybody apart from members of the Quarrymen stayed distant from John. That’s till he met Cynthia Powell.

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