John Lennon Was ‘Nervous’ and ‘so Embarrassed’ During His Reunion With His Father

John Lennon spent most of his childhood estranged from his father. By the point Lennon had risen to fame with The Beatles, he’d gone 20 years with out seeing the person. This modified in 1965 when Lennon’s father, Alfred Lennon, knocked on his entrance door. In keeping with Lennon’s first spouse, Cynthia, her husband was indignant, embarrassed, and sick comfortable all through the go to. 

John Lennon’s estranged father dropped in on him after years aside

In 1965, Alfred Lennon met a person who had sometimes pushed The Beatles. He agreed to take Alfred to Lennon’s residence, the place a bewildered Cynthia answered the door. 

“He was a charmer in his own way,” Cynthia stated within the ebook Lennon: The Definitive Biography by Ray Coleman. “There was no way I could have shut the door on him. He looked like a tramp but he was John’s Dad. I had no alternative but to ask him to wait for John to return.”

Lennon was astonished by his father’s arrival, however he rapidly addressed him.

“Where have you been for the last twenty years?” he requested his father coldly.

Alfred Lennon | J. R. Watkins/Every day Categorical/Hulton Archive/Getty Photos

Alfred did little to lighten Lennon’s demeanor. Cynthia stated she watched her husband develop more and more uncomfortable as Alfred spoke about his monetary troubles whereas sitting within the lavish residence. 

“He was so embarrassed,” Cynthia stated, noting, “He was in and out of the room like a cat on a hot tin roof. He was nervous and said he suddenly felt ill at ease in his own home.”

In keeping with Cynthia, it was fairly clear that Alfred was there on the lookout for cash.

“I suppose Fred was proud of what John had achieved,” she stated, “but his main object was to rip off some cash from John.”

John Lennon’s father spoke about his son being a disappointment

Alfred stayed at Lennon’s home for a number of days, however their relationship by no means absolutely repaired itself. Lennon stayed away, leaving Cynthia to speak to Alfred. When the daddy and son did communicate, their conversations devolved into arguments about why Alfred and Lennon’s mom separated. 

Later, Alfred spoke publicly concerning the methods through which Lennon disenchanted him.

“He’s only let me down twice,” Fred stated, per The Beatles: The Authorized Biography by Hunter Davies. “Once was accepting that MBE. I wouldn’t have done it. Royalty can’t buy me.”

He added that he additionally felt disenchanted that Lennon hadn’t given a speech at a literary luncheon in his honor. Alfred stated that in his place, he would have given a speech and carried out a track.

Alfred Lennon nervous his son would trigger his loss of life

Lennon and his father maintained a relationship for the following a number of years. Their ultimate assembly happened on Lennon’s thirtieth birthday, and the 2 acquired into such a vicious argument that they minimize ties. Alfred left the assembly genuinely involved that Lennon would kill him.

A black and white picture of Alfred Lennon laying on a bench and holding a cigarette in one hand.
Alfred Lennon | John Pratt/Keystone Options/Getty Photos

“There was no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that he meant every word he spoke, his countenance was frightful to behold, as he explained in detail, how I would be carried out to sea and dumped, ‘twenty — Fifty — or perhaps you would prefer a hundred fathoms deep,’” Alfred wrote in a letter to his lawyer, per the ebook John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman. “The whole loathesome tirade was uttered with malignant glee, as though he were actually participating in the terrible deed.”

He defined to his lawyer that if something dangerous occurred to him, the police ought to examine his son.

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