Joe Chrest Thinks Ted Wheeler Is Secretly in the CIA

Stranger Things followers have come to like Nancy and Mike Wheeler’s dad, Ted Wheeler, since the first season in 2016. Whereas he doesn’t add a lot to the story, his obliviousness and sarcasm all the time present comedian reduction. However is Ted actually as clueless about his children’ adventures in Hawkins as he appears? His actor, Joe Chrest, doesn’t suppose so. In a current interview, the actor opened up about his character and weighed in on a fan principle suggesting that Ted may very well be in the CIA.

Joe Chrest as Ted Wheeler in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4. | Netflix

Ted Wheeler is the oblivious dad of ‘Stranger Things’

In all 4 seasons of Stranger Issues, Ted Wheeler has been a background character. He exhibits curiosity in just a few issues, comparable to his garden and his La-Z-Boy. Whereas Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) are off combating monsters from the Upside Down, Ted is often taking a nap. He by no means is aware of what’s happening, however he’ll be the first one to make a sarcastic comment about his children spending too little or an excessive amount of time at residence.

At a look, it would appear to be Ted merely doesn’t care what his children are as much as. Nevertheless, as Chrest just lately instructed Vulture, that’s not the case in any respect.

“I feel like … if you remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the vixen, Jessica Rabbit, is like, ‘I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way.’ Ted is like that,” he mentioned. “Even though there wasn’t a lot there for Ted, he’s a loving dad. Like a lot of dads I saw while my kids were growing up, they focus on being providers. They think that’s more important than their time. When we see Ted, he’s wiped out from work. I never approach it like he doesn’t care.”

‘Stranger Things’ star Joe Chrest believes in the Ted Wheeler CIA principle

Stranger Issues positively drills down the concept that Ted is clueless and uninvolved — possibly just a little too clueless. Again when season 3 premiered in 2019, many followers started to suspect the father of three may very well be a CIA sleeper agent. As International Business Times famous, the principle pointed to Ted’s cooperation with CIA brokers all through the sequence. Some viewers even thought Ted was the “American” that the Russians held captive at the finish of season 3.

After all, followers now know that the American was truly Jim Hopper (David Harbour). And with just one Stranger Issues season to go after season 4 vol. 2, the concept of Ted as a CIA agent is changing into much less possible. Nonetheless, Chrest mentioned he’s holding out hope.

“A lot of the cast, pretty much from season 2, have been encouraging the [Stranger Things creators, the Duffer brothers] to get Ted more active in the show. The speculation is that he’s with the CIA — is he part of it? Will it merge with the story? I’m very curious about that. With season 5, I’d like to see, as would a lot of us, more of Ted,” the Killing Reagan actor mentioned.

Joe Chrest thinks Ted is able to bounce into motion

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Even when Ted Wheeler isn’t a CIA agent in disguise, Chrest nonetheless hopes the dad will develop into a hero. In his interview with Vulture, he talked about Ted heading into the Upside All the way down to defend his household.

“Ted really loves his family and would do really well in that Upside Down scenario. It’s the ’80s, too,” he concluded. “It’s a chance for Ted to fight for his country. I’m sure he served in the military. The dude’s a patriot, for God’s sake.” 

Stranger Issues 4 Vol. 1 is offered now on Netflix. Vol. 2 premieres on July 1.

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