Jeff Probst Tells Heather Why He’s Still Hosting After Her Sad Loss

Survivor is presently airing season 41. Jeff Probst has watched many castaways battle by way of challenges. He advised Heather Aldret why he continues to host after she was devastated by her loss.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor Season 41 Episode 4 spoilers ahead.]

Jeff Probst tells Heather why he’s nonetheless internet hosting ‘Survivor’ after her loss

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The fourth episode began with a reward problem. Each tribe needed to full an impediment collectively. Every particular person had their half to finish earlier than the following particular person might go. Luvu struggled for the primary time.

That’s as a result of Heather needed to throw a ball up and run to the opposite facet of the impediment to catch it. However she was by no means fast sufficient to complete. Ua and Yase completed, and Heather cried over her efficiency.

“Alright, Heather, a couple of things happened out there,” the host advised her. “One: you struggled. Two: you never gave up. And three: when it was over, everybody here acknowledged your effort. So what are you feeling right now?”

She answered whereas crying, “I let myself down, and I don’t quit. And I feel like I let them down.”

Probst talked about, you’ll be able to’t let your self down while you’re doing one thing you’ve by no means accomplished earlier than. “And Heather, I just gotta say, for me, one of the reasons I’m still here 21 years later is because of moments like that,” he stated. “I love the gameplay of Survivor. But I really like it when somebody’s vulnerable and lets us watch and is rewarded with love from their competitors. That’s gotta make you feel a little better.”

Followers react to Jeff making an attempt to consolation Heather

Jeff Probst on ‘Survivor’ | Robert Voets/CBS by way of Getty Photographs

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It regarded just like the host tried laborious to encourage Heather. Reddit followers reacted to the second. Some assume Probst has change into softer in these latest seasons.

One fan wrote, “the way jeff used to shame and scream @ tribes who were struggling this sensitivity is new.”

“Survivor is now a perpetual advertisement for itself as a new era, good example-setting, non-toxic, feel-good show now,” one other fan wrote.

“What is with Jeff lately trying to insist Survivor is some wholesome feel-good family experience?” one fan requested. “I mean I sort of get it from a host perspective but I’ve never once looked at the show that way. Remember when Joel violently dragged Chet around an obstacle course on a rope like a dead deer?”

The host does wish to encourage gamers to maintain making an attempt. Fortunately, Luvu didn’t lose the immunity problem, so Heather and the remainder of the tribe have been secure on the episode’s finish.

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