Jeff Probst Doesn’t Cut His Hair Through ‘Survivor’ Season 41 or 42, Talks ‘Impressive Mullet’

Followers following Survivor Season 41 can’t assist however discover quite a lot of modifications. Along with the various new twists and turns added into the sport, Survivor host Jeff Probst can be sporting a brand new look. He spoke in an interview relating to the longer coiffure he’s sporting within the new season — and he famous it doesn’t change till the top of Survivor Season 42. Right here’s what Probst needed to say.

(*41*)‘Survivor’ Season 41 follows intense coronavirus protocol

Jeff Probst on ‘Survivor’ Season 41 | Robert Voets/CBS by way of Getty Photographs

Host Jeff Probst promised Survivor Season 41 could be not like every other season the present’s had thus far. Whereas previous seasons had contestants enjoying the sport for 39 days, the brand new coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol had season 41 contestants enjoying for less than 26 days. Due to the shorter gameplay, Probst promised extra twists, extra turns, and more durable gameplay than ever earlier than.

Survivor 41 will birth a new era of Survivor with a faster, more dangerous, and much more intense game,” Probst mentioned, in response to Parade. “We really leaned into having fun with this season and the best kind of Survivor fun is the dangerous kind.”

The present adopted further coronavirus protocol as properly to make sure the protection of the contestants and the manufacturing staff. “We worked with the Fiji government to create what was essentially a large bubble that consisted of several islands — including tribe camps, challenge locations, Tribal Council, and base camp,” Probst defined to Entertainment Weekly. “This extended bubble would be our home for the next many months. Once every crew member and player had quarantined for 14 days and received a negative test, we were able to move freely between those islands, with no risk, because it was only our crew and we were all safe.”  

Jeff Probst mentioned he doesn’t lower his hair till the top of ‘Survivor’ Season 42

Viewers watching Survivor Season 41 observed Jeff Probst’s lengthy hair. And he’s well-aware of his new fashion as properly. “[My] hair is longer because like so many of us, I didn’t get it cut during COVID,” Probst informed Entertainment Weekly. “And as it grew, I was reminded how grateful I am to still have hair, so why not grow it! And then I decided to keep it.”

Followers ought to get used to his lengthy hair, too. Probst informed Leisure Weekly he wasn’t capable of chop his hair till the top of Survivor Season 42. “On location, there was no way to cut it anyway, so by the end of Survivor 42, I have a pretty damn impressive mullet!” he added.

Probst’s lengthy hair goes alongside together with his “Survivor Guy” persona, too. Probst famous he will get into this persona previous to every day challenges. “Weirdly, he looked a lot like me, only significantly cooler,” Probst defined to Entertainment Weekly relating to “Survivor Guy.” “He wore animal skins, had much longer hair, a lot of odd tattoos and a feather necklace. I’ll never forget his first words to me: “Jeff, I am Survivor Guy … I am your alter ego, and if you embrace what I have to offer I can make your life on Survivor better than ever.”

When is ‘Survivor’ Season 42?

Jeff Probst in front of a sign for 'Survivor' Season 41. Jeff Probst will return as the host for 'Survivor' Season 42
Jeff Probst | Robert Voets/CBS by way of Getty Photographs

Whereas Survivor Season 41 feels as if it’s simply begun, when is Survivor Season 42? In response to Premiere Date, followers can anticipate season 42 to premiere on CBS in Spring 2022.

Preliminary studies relating to the forty second season famous manufacturing skilled delays. In April 2021, Fiji reportedly suspended worldwide passenger flights. This allegedly affected the filming for season 42.

It appears manufacturing was capable of make up for any delays, although — and that could possibly be, partly, because of the new 26-day gameplay. In response to Jeff Probst, the present will proceed with its new format modifications for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, followers can proceed to embrace the change.

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