Jack Harlow Gambled With Drake at the Kentucky Derby and ‘Lost a Lot of Money’

Drake and Jack Harlow have been simply two of the stars that took over the 2022 Kentucky Derby. As a Louisville native, Harlow grew up with the Kentucky Derby, although he hadn’t had a lot expertise with betting on horses in the iconic race. When he determined to position bets with Drake, issues didn’t work out so properly for the “First Class” rapper.

Jack Harlow | Billie Weiss/Boston Pink Sox/Getty Photos

Jack Harlow and Drake went to the 2022 Kentucky Derby

Harlow was talking to NBC Sports activities about his hometown throughout the broadcast from the Kentucky Derby. He was all of a sudden joined by Drake, who interrupted and crashed Harlow’s interview to provide him his props.

“I just had to show up. I’m so proud of this guy,” he mentioned. “And we’re drunk.” He laughed it off and clarified that he was the just one who was drunk.

When Drake caught sight of manufacturing crew behind the digital camera attempting to close down the interview, the “Nonstop” rapper referred to as them out. “You can’t give it the ‘wrap it up’ signal,” he mentioned. “What are you gonna cut to? What are you gonna cut to? A shot of, like, poorly manicured grass, or something?”

Drake smiling
Drake | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Jack Harlow ‘lost a lot of money’ betting with Drake

Harlow and Drake linking up at the Kentucky Derby is becoming contemplating they’ve a track collectively referred to as “Churchill Downs,” named after the iconic racetrack, on Harlow’s sophomore album Come House the Youngsters Miss You. The Louisville native spoke to the 85 South Comedy Show after the Derby and revealed that he and Drizzy positioned bets on the race collectively.

“I lost a lot of money,” Harlow mentioned. “I just told Drake I would bet what he bet, so I copied him.”

Jack Harlow appears as much as Drake

Harlow joked about Drake main him to position unhealthy bets, however the “First Class” MC admitted that the 6 God was an inspiration to him as a rapper rising up.

“Drake is one of the people who literally taught me how to rap; him, Wayne, and Kanye,” Harlow mentioned. “Now, to be cool with him is the biggest gift. It’s better than $10 million. There’s no price tag on meeting somebody who taught you how to do it, and them saying, ‘Yo, you’re dope.’”

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Jack Harlow loves Kentucky

Regardless of being a world celebrity, Harlow holds Kentucky near his coronary heart. He spoke actually in a 2022 interview with The Breakfast Membership about by no means forgetting the place he got here from.

“I would be embarrassed to lose touch. I would be embarrassed to become arrogant,” he mentioned. “I keep all of my friends around — everyone I came up with. I’m a part of a collective called Private Garden that I started when I was in high school in Kentucky; it’s like eight or nine of us. And the families continue to grow, but the core of us is just stuck together. We tour together. We go everywhere together.”

“Being from Kentucky is something that we’ve used to our advantage, because so many people don’t come from a place where you had a chip on your shoulder,” he added. “We want to lift this place up, you know?”

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