J-Hope Revealed His Tracklist Choices for ‘Proof’ Anthology Album

On June 10, BTS will launch an anthology album referred to as Proof. The album will embody three CDs, and the members of BTS selected the songs featured on the album’s second CD. On Could 22, J-Hope of BTS defined his track decisions in a “Proof of Inspiration” teaser on social media.

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J-Hope selected ‘Outro: Ego’ and ‘Her’ for BTS’ new album

For the second Proof CD, every member of BTS selected a solo track and sub-unit observe to be included on Proof. Main as much as the album’s launch, Large Hit Music shared “Proof of Inspiration” teasers on social media.

In every “Proof of Inspiration” teaser, a member of BTS defined why they selected sure songs for the Proof tracklist. Large Hit Music launched J-Hope’s “Proof of Inspiration” teaser on Could 22.

J-Hope’s “Proof of Inspiration” teaser revealed the BTS rapper selected “Outro: Ego” and “Her” to be included on Proof.

In his “Proof of Inspiration” video, J-Hope narrates:

“I included ‘Her’ and ‘Outro: Ego’ in this album, Proof. ‘Her’ is essentially a love song, but some ARMY interpreted the lyrics as being more complex, about feeling the pressures of having to reshape who I am for ‘her.’ There can be many different interpretations, but there are times when I have to wear a mask to hide the sides of myself that I don’t particularly want to show other people. And I sometimes hid because I didn’t want to show that side of myself either. But they are all me. I came to accept all of my sides as parts of my identity, my ego, because the members and ARMY accept all of me. Who I am, just as I am, my ego is my Proof.”

The entire BTS members selected songs for the ‘Proof’ tracklist

The second Proof CD will start with a brand new track by BTS referred to as “Run BTS.” The remainder of the CD’s tracklist will embody solo songs and sub-unit tracks picked by Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

Proof CD No. 2 tracklist:

  1. “Run BTS”
  2. “Intro : Persona”
  3. “Stay”
  4. “Moon”
  5. “Jamais Vu”
  6. “Trivia 轉 : Seesaw”
  7. “BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi)”
  8. “Outro : Ego”
  9. “Her”
  10. “Filter”
  11. “Friends”
  12. “Singularity”
  13. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”
  14. “Euphoria”
  15. “Dimple”

‘Proof’ could have three CDs

As a result of it’s an anthology album, Proof could have new songs, previously-released songs, and demo variations of BTS songs.

For followers inquisitive about what songs will probably be included, the total tracklists for the primary and third Proof CDs might be considered under.

Proof CD No. 1 tracklist:

  1. “Born Singer”
  2. “No More Dream”
  3. “N.O”
  4. “Boy In Luv”
  5. “Danger”
  6. “I NEED U”
  7. “RUN”
  8. “Burning Up (Fire)”
  9. “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  10. “Spring Day”
  11. “DNA”
  12. “FAKE LOVE”
  13. “IDOL”
  14. “Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)”
  15. “ON”
  16. “Dynamite”
  17. “Life Goes On”
  18. “Butter”
  19. “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”

Professionalof CD No. 3 tracklist:

  1. “Jump (Demo Ver.)”
  2. “Young Love”
  3. “Boy In Luv (Demo Ver.)”
  4. “Quotation Mark”
  5. “I NEED U (Demo Ver.)”
  6. “Boyz with Fun (Demo Ver.)”
  7. “Tony Montana (with Jimin)”
  8. “Young Forever (RM Demo Ver.)”
  9. “Spring Day (V Demo Ver)”
  10. “DNA (j-hope Demo Ver.)”
  11. “Epiphany (Jin Demo Ver.)”
  12. “Seesaw (Demo Ver.)”
  13. “Still With You (Acapella)”
  14. “For Youth”

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