J.D. Calls Shan and Ricard ‘Vicious,’ and Was Surprised by Their Confessionals

On Survivor, you wish to have as a lot data as doable. However you by no means know what different individuals are saying about you. Nonetheless, the forged is now watching the present and giving their sincere reactions. Jairus “J.D.” Robinson talked about being stunned by different folks’s confessionals.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor Season 41 Episode 4 spoilers ahead.]

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J.D. began on the Ua Tribe. It didn’t take lengthy for him to be on Shantel “Shan” Smith and Ricard Foyé’s radar for speaking to everybody. He then tried arduous to win them over.

However as soon as Shan and Ricard came upon he had a bonus and didn’t inform them, they began utilizing it towards him. Shan requested to carry the additional vote throughout final week’s Tribal Council as an indication of belief and he agreed.

Within the fourth episode, Shan accused J.D. of probably betraying her. She requested to carry his additional vote benefit to construct belief once more in the course of the subsequent Tribal Council. He handed it to her and she voted him out.

“What if I keep the extra vote for myself and vote out J.D.?” Shan mentioned in her confessional. “That would be a big move to get his extra vote for good. I might never get this opportunity again, but J.D. has become family to me. He’s like a little brother, and I love him. And I don’t want to be a villain, but I do want to be an assassin.”

J.D. calls Shan and Ricard ‘vicious’ for his or her confessionals

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The forged of Survivor is watching the season again with followers. However a few of them are stunned by what they see. J.D. talked about being stunned by a number of confessionals.

“I don’t want to throw shade at anybody; that’s the last thing I want to do,” he instructed Parade. “Then again, they all threw shade on me in their confessionals, and I never said a bad thing about anyone.”

He continued, “But Shan and Ricard were playing so well from the top. They were playing a little vicious, using us as their puppets. Then I had Genie [Chen] and Brad [Reese], who didn’t want to make the optimal move. I wanted to flip the game so many times on Ricard and Shan. I didn’t want to work with them because I wanted to. I worked with them out of necessity.”

It seems to be like Shan and Ricard will proceed to have energy over the Ua Tribe. Time will inform if their vicious gameplay will result in a win or loss.

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