‘It Was a Good Way to Meet Drug Dealers’

Singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert made her main label debut in nation music in 2005. Whereas Lambert has change into a staple in nation music, new followers is likely to be curious in regards to the Texas native’s upbringing. It seems Lambert’s father was a police officer for the Dallas Police Division and likewise carried out nation music.

Miranda Lambert | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Miranda Lambert’s dad is a former police officer

Lambert was born in 1983 and has a youthful brother. Her mother and father met within the Nineteen Seventies whereas her father was working as a police officer.

In accordance to Texas Monthly, Lambert’s father labored within the Dallas Police Division within the “patrol division, then to undercover narcotics, and then homicide.” Lambert’s dad additionally has ha istory with nation music and was a member of a band named Contraband.

“It was a good way to meet drug dealers and make undercover buys and get them off the streets,” Lambert’s father Rick instructed Texas Month-to-month in 2011. “And by the way, it was also a good way to meet Dallas stewardesses.”

Miranda Lambert’s dad didn’t like when she bought a tattoo

Lambert has a number of tattoos, together with certainly one of two pistols with angel wings on her forearm. The nation singer has spoken about her father’s unfavourable response to the tattoo on a number of events.

In her tune “Heart Like Mine,” Lambert sings, “Daddy cried when he saw my tattoo/ Said he loved me anyway.”

The singer shared extra details about how she bought the tattoo in an interview with USA Weekend, revealing, “I got it when I was 22 on tour with George Strait… It’s the first thing I ever did without asking my parents. My dad didn’t speak to me for a week.”

Throughout a 2017 interview for The Daily Beast performed by Meghan McCain, Lambert gave extra perception into what her father considered her tattoo.

“The only reason I regret it is because my dad was pissed. I love it, it’s kind of become my signature, it’s on everything I have, it’s my logo, it’s on all my backdrops—but my dad was upset. He’s kind of old school so he took it personally. But we’ve gotten past it,” Lambert instructed McCain.

The singer wrote songs along with her father

Rising up, Lambert discovered some musical inspiration from her dad. Whereas she developed the power to write songs of her personal from a younger age, she sharpened this talent by making music along with her father.

“One day, she walked into my room while I was strumming some chords on my guitar, and she suddenly sang to the melody I was playing, ‘Rain on the window makes me lonely.’ We both came up with some more lines, and in an hour and a half, we had a song about a woman sitting on a bus, devastated by the end of an affair with a married man,” Lambert’s father instructed Texas Month-to-month.

He continued, “We played it for Bev, and when Miranda sang, ‘I’m gonna find someplace I can ease my mind and try to heal my wounded pride,’ we both shook our heads. Miranda had this eerie ability to take on someone else’s story and make it her own.”

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