‘I Wanted to Show a Completely Different, Cold Side From Part 1’

The main male character of the Ok-drama Alchemy of Souls goes by immense heartache and darkness within the second season. The as soon as cheerful and vivid Jang Uk, performed by actor Lee Jae-wook, turns into a shell of who the optimistic particular person he used to be getting into Alchemy of Souls Season 2. Actor Lee reveals the three year-time leap for Alchemy of Souls Season 2 was a tough adjustment however now additionally explains the explanation for his noticeable weight reduction.

Actor Lee Jae-wook holding ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2 script finale | by way of tvN

Jang Uk loses his real love in essentially the most tragic approach in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Jang Uk is the Ok-drama’s protagonist whose gate of power was sealed by his absent father for unknown causes. Whereas everybody he is aware of trains to develop into a highly effective mage in Alchemy of Souls, he nonetheless seeks his true grasp.

His world adjustments when he meets a simpleton named Mu-deok. In actuality, Mu-deok is the killer mage murderer Nak-su. Nak-su was wounded in a combat and used the Alchemy of Souls to switch her soul. Seeing the soul shifter mark in her eyes, Jang Uk acknowledges her as his true grasp. Nak-su makes use of Jang Uk to hopefully regain her powers. Thus, they start a whirlwind story as grasp and pupil that blossoms into destined real love.

However Alchemy of Souls finale ends on a darker be aware because the Hong Sisters created the Ok-drama to have a second season. Nak-su had sacrificed her newly acquired powers to save Jang Uk and the others in a dire scenario. In return, Jang Uk additionally possesses the Ice Stone however with no powers.

The 2 characters get engaged and have hopes to go away and dwell a regular life collectively. Alchemy of Souls antagonist, Jin Mu, causes chaos. He forces Nak-su, the murderer, to awaken and go on a killing spree. Unaware of what she is doing, Nak-su kills her real love Jang Uk. Within the aftermath, she supposedly dies, however Jang Uk is reborn in Alchemy of Souls thanks to the Ice Stone and King’s Star and lives in guilt over not saving her.

Lee Jae-wook explains his noticeable weight reduction was to higher go well with the brand new Jang Uk in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 takes place three years after the primary season’s finale. Jang Uk has dramatically modified as he offers with the sorrow over being unable to save Nak-su. To make issues worse, he’s in immense ache as he kills soul shifters for the king. However with every kill with the Ice Stone, he’s haunted by wreaths and the approaching chill they bring about.

Followers rapidly seen Jang Uk’s physicality made a noticeable change as properly. The as soon as jolly and social Jang Uk is now shrouded in darkness and wears darker clothes. Above all, actor Lee Jae-wook is way thinner in Alchemy of Souls Season 2 than within the first season. In a Naver article, Lee explains it was on objective to painting the damaged coronary heart of Jang Uk higher.

In a tough translation, Lee explains, “I definitely lost weight because it’s a character who came back from the dead after losing the woman he loved. I lost more weight because it was difficult in the middle, but I wanted to show a completely different, cold side from Part 1.”

The actor explains the workers instructed him to eat extra. He reveals he weighed 72 Kg (158 lbs) on the finish of the primary season. Lee misplaced 4-5 Kg extra whereas filming Alchemy of Souls Season 2 and admits, “and because I was also too busy to exercise, I lost more.”

Lee Jae-wook cried on a number of events whereas filming ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2

The impactful storyline of Alchemy of Souls Season 2 didn’t solely take a toll on its followers however on actor Lee Jae-wook as properly. In a behind-the-scenes video by tvN, followers can see that Lee obtained emotional whereas filming a number of the drama’s last key scenes. The primary was in Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 9, when Nak-su and Jang Uk are in Gwido. Jang Uk lastly acknowledges Bu-yeon as his real love Nak-su. However he additionally is aware of she is at risk if he acknowledges who she is to everybody else.

Within the scene, Jang Uk says he’ll quickly start a struggle to cease Jin Mu however asks if he ought to overlook in regards to the world and keep in Gwido together with her. The behind-the-scene video reveals Lee repeatedly tears up with each take and says, “I’m sorry. I’ll wipe it first.”

He additionally can’t assist however tear up whereas filming the Alchemy of Souls Season 2 finale. Specifically, the emotional scene the place Grasp Lee marries Jang Uk and Cho-yeong. Lee even jokes, “Why am i crying? I’m sorry..” Alchemy of Souls is, with out a doubt, Lee Jae-wook and the forged’s most notable work to date.

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