How Paul McCartney Reacted When He Felt Fans Took Their Hatred of Linda McCartney Too Far 

When Paul McCartney started a relationship with Linda McCartney, all three different Beatles have been married. As soon as folks discovered about their relationship, Linda started coping with Beatles followers simply as the opposite Beatles’ wives had. Fans gathered exterior of McCartney’s London house each day and shouted at Linda when she walked previous. As soon as, McCartney felt followers had gone too far. When he scolded them, although, they have been fully unapologetic. 

Paul McCartney was not comfortable to listen to of how followers handled Linda McCartney

When McCartney started relationship Linda, his most devoted followers turned their ire on her. Fans waited exterior his house and shouted at her. They left hateful graffiti on the fence and, on one event, threw dessert at her. 

Linda returned to the home, and when she walked previous the followers, somebody threw a frozen chocolate dessert at her. Shortly afterward, McCartney got here out of the home.

Paul and Linda McCartney | Bettmann/Contributor through Getty

“Who just threw a choc-ice at Linda?” he requested the group angrily, per the e-book Paul McCartney: The Life by Philip Norman. The followers have been something however apologetic, although.

“Actually, it was a chocolate mousse,” the offending fan stated.

The opposite Beatle wives confronted aggression from followers

Cynthia Lennon, Maureen Starkey, and Pattie Boyd all additionally confronted aggression from followers. Their respective companions tried to maintain their relationships secret, however the information inevitably obtained out. Fans angrily confronted them after they went out in public.

“I got to see the Beatles play at a theater in London, and George told me that I should leave with my friends before the last number,” Boyd stated in a dialog with Taylor Swift for Harper’s Bazaar. “So before the last song, we got up from our seats and walked toward the nearest exit door, and there were these girls behind me. They followed us out, and they were kicking me and pulling my hair and pushing us all the way down this long passageway.”

Cynthia Lennon reported one thing related occurring to Starkey.

“When Ringo started dating Maureen, she had to pretend she wasn’t seeing him,” she wrote in her e-book John. “One night she was waiting for him in the car outside a gig when a girl came up, put her hand through the window, and scratched her face.” 

Paul McCartney favored that Linda McCartney helped free him from habits he picked up in The Beatles

Whereas McCartney pulled Linda into the Beatles’ world, she helped pull him out of it. With Linda, McCartney broke some of the habits he in-built The Beatles.

“I remember very early on apologising because I was so tired, I said, ‘I’m really tired, I’m sorry.’ She said, ‘It’s allowed,’” McCartney stated within the e-book Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now by Barry Miles. “I remember thinking, F***ing hell! That was a mind-blower. I’d never been with anyone who’d thought like that: ‘It’s allowed.’ And it was quite patently clear that it was allowed to be tired.”

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