How Did Han Mi-nyeo Cheat in the Games?

Every spherical of the childhood video games become feats of survival in Squid Recreation required some technique. For the Dalgona problem, Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryeong) discovered a intelligent method to cheat the system and assure her survival in Squid Recreation. Earlier than getting into the Video games, Mi-nyeo thought like a felony and located a method to smuggle in her must-have necessity that might show handy when making an attempt to chop out the form from the candy cookie deal with. 

Character Mi-nyeo for ‘Squid Game’ Dalgona dishonest | through Netflix

What’s the Dalgona problem in ‘Squid Game’?

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk needed the Korean drama to resonate with Korean audiences and convey them again to their childhood. To take action, he used acquainted childhood video games like the Dalgona problem. Dalgona is a well-liked candy deal with seen exterior of most center or excessive faculties. A vendor melts sugar in a particular copper ladle over a flame. As soon as the sugar is dissolved, the vendor provides the correct amount of baking soda to create air bubbles.

The sugar combination is flattened on a steel floor with a particular device. Earlier than the sugar units, the vendor stamps a form. Dalgona is well-liked amongst college students and should attempt to carve out the form with out breaking efficiently. It’s a nerve-wracking problem. Even actor HoYeon Jung has failed a number of instances. Whereas spending 24 hours with Vogue, she admits, “Had I been a contestant in Squid Game, I would have died doing the dalgona.”

Han Mi-nyeo (Participant 212) cheated throughout the Dalgona problem because of her intelligent pondering in ‘Squid Game’

Character Mi-nyeo for 'Squid Game' in bathroom lighting cigarette before cheating in the Games
Character Mi-nyeo for ‘Squid Game’ in toilet | Netflix

In Squid Recreation Episode 3, Mi-nyeo convinces a guard to let her use the amenities away from prying eyes. In the toilet stall, she fishes out a compact container she had hidden inside her nether areas. The container held some cigarettes and a lighter. 

Mi-nyeo’s intelligent pondering would come in helpful throughout the Dalgona problem. She hid the lighter in her tracksuit earlier than getting into the playground. To keep away from the guards, Mi-nyeo hid beneath a slide and used the lighter to warmth the needle. The recent needle allowed Mi-nyeo to soften the sugar and carve out the form. If she had not smuggled in the lighter, there was a robust risk she would have failed the problem as a result of she selected a star. 

How did the different gamers win the Dalgona problem? 

Squid Recreation’s Mi-nyeo was not the solely participant who discovered a method to win the Dalgona problem. Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae) additionally picked the advanced star form. To get into his good graces and for Mi-nyeo to discover a method to survive, she secretly gave Deok-su the lighter. He, too, used it to soften the sugar and carve out the form. 

Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) cheated one other manner. When he entered the playground, he found out the problem due to the shapes on the wall. He refused to inform the different gamers and picked the triangle form. With solely three straight sides, Sang-woo rapidly handed the problem.

Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) was unaware of the sport they’d play and picked the advanced umbrella form. When a drop of sweat falls on the Dalgona, Gi-hun comes up with an answer. By licking the again of the sweet, his spit melts the skinny layer of sugar that makes up the edges of the form. Gi-hun’s tactic additionally helps the different gamers win.

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