How Accurate is ‘Five Days at Memorial’? — The Hurricane Katrina Miniseries on Apple+ Is Based on a True Story

Sure, 5 Days At Memorial on Apple TV+ is a true story, however how correct is the brand new restricted sequence by Carlton Cuse and John Ridley? The sequence focuses on the heart-wrenching occasions at one particular hospital in New Orleans throughout and after Hurricane Katrina. The levees broke and 80% of town ended up underwater. It stars Vera Farmiga, Robert Pine, Cherry Jones, Julie Ann Emery, Cornelius Smith, Adepero Oduye, Molly Hager, Michael Gaston, and W. Earl Brown.

What is ‘Five Days At Memorial’ about on Apple TV+?

5 Days At Memorial tells the true story of what occurred at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans. It begins the night earlier than Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, with the preparations the workers at the hospital made. Along with the crew and sufferers, practically 1200 folks from the encompassing space took up shelter throughout the hospital’s partitions. When Katrina hit, there have been 2000 folks inside Memorial Hospital. 

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The occasions of the storm itself unfold within the gripping first episode of 5 Days At Memorial. Then the second episode reveals how relieved everybody turned when the hurricane modified course. Nonetheless, nobody anticipated the floodwalls and levees to fail across the metropolis catastrophically. The water flooding into town and surrounding areas poured into the hospital. The mills failed, and the folks trapped inside spent their remaining days within the hospital with no clear water, no working sewer system, no meals, and no air con within the sweltering August warmth.

The evacuation by boat and helicopter started on day three and concluded on day 5. Then the final three episodes focus on the extreme investigation of why 45 folks died in that brief interval. 

How correct is the true story of ‘5 Days At Memorial on Apple TV+?

5 Days At Memorial on Apple TV+ is based mostly on the ebook, 5 Days at Memorial: Life and Dying in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital by Sherri Fink.

“Her book was such an impeccably researched and detailed account of the story that that was really the source material that John and I used to tell our fictionalized version of that story,” Carlton Cuse advised Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “For us, the challenge wasn’t getting more information. It was really combing through the book and figuring out what was most important.”

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Fink interviewed over 500 folks to create her correct account of what occurred at the hospital.

“I really felt like the authenticity of the story required the audience seeing, feeling and understanding what the circumstances were like” Carlton Cuse defined. “And so we did that. Fortunately, we were really lucky enough to have the resources from Apple to make the show the way we wanted.”

From flying a U.S. Coast guard helicopter throughout the Canadian border into Toronto to establishing a 4 million gallon water tank. The crew made all the things as correct as potential in retelling the story in 5 Days At Memorial.

The ‘Five Days At Memorial’ solid is as correct as potential

Within the 5 Days At Memorial solid, Vera Farmiga portrays Dr. Anna Pou, an otolaryngologist — a head and neck most cancers surgeon. Robert Pine performs Dr. Horace Baltz, one of many longest-serving docs at the hospital. He was outspoken within the medical group about what occurred throughout Hurricane Katrina. The physician needed medical professionals to be taught from the expertise. 

‘Five Days At Memorial’: Cherry Jones | Apple TV +

Cherry Jones portrays the Director of Nursing, Susan Mulderick. As the pinnacle of the Emergency Catastrophe Committee, she shortly turned the Incident Commander for Katrina. She was tasked with making not possible selections concerning the 2,000 folks contained in the hospital when the hurricane struck.

Julie Ann Emery performs Diane Robichaux, who believed that the healthcare staff would band collectively in an emergency. Cornelius Smith Jr. takes on the position of Dr. Bryant King — a younger internist. As one of many solely Black docs, he didn’t imagine he had a voice within the selections.

Adepero Oduye performs Karen Wynn, the nurse supervisor at the intensive care unit. She additionally was the pinnacle of the ethics committee at Memorial Hospital.

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“We were lucky enough to get a wonderful cast to collaborate with in the telling of that story,” Cuse added concerning the solid. “And we really tried to have the casting of the show be authentic. We put a lot of effort into what I would say is sort of the naturalism of the casting to make everybody feel like they belonged in this world. When you have Vera Farmiga and Cherry Jones, you can’t really go wrong. They’re both so brilliant.”

The first three episodes of 5 Days at Memorial hit Apple TV+ on Aug. 12, 2022. The remaining episodes drop each Friday following the premiere. 

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