‘House of the Dragon’ Will Have to ‘Earn’ Being ‘Worthy of Having a ‘Game of Thrones’ Title’ Claims Co-Creator Miguel Sapochnik


  • Home of the Dragon is ready 200 years earlier than the occasions in Recreation of Thrones.
  • Co-creator Miguel Sapochnik says Home of the Dragon can have a ‘different tone’ than the authentic sequence.
  • Sapochnik is aware of the prequel can have to earn being in the realm of Recreation of Thrones.
Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen | Ollie Upton/HBO

Home of the Dragon shall be the first Recreation of Thrones-related content material to hit HBO Max. However simply because it’s related to the similar world of Westeros, Home of the Dragon will not be the similar as the authentic sequence.

In accordance to co-creator Miguel Sapochnik, the Home of the Dragon solid and crew has a lot of work to do to be on the similar stage as Recreation of Thrones.

The ‘House of the Dragon’ co-creator directed highly-acclaimed episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’

Earlier than he created Home of the Dragon — a prequel set almost 200 years earlier than the authentic sequence — Sapochnik directed some of Recreation of Thrones’ most acclaimed episodes. They included “The Winds of Winter” and “Battle of the Bastards” in season 6, “Hardhome” in season 5, and “The Long Night” in season 8.

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Sapochnik — who co-created the sequence with Ryan Condal and creator George R. R. Martin — can also be directing some episodes of Home of the Dragon. He says his work in the authentic sequence has been “useful” whereas filming season 1 of the prequel.

Honoring ‘Game of Thrones’ whereas doing issues its personal means

The co-creator says followers will see similarities between the two sequence, like his use of the similar “color palette.” However, Sapochnik says it’s essential that his new present is a separate entity from Recreation of Thrones.

Sapochnik advised The Hollywood Reporter that his new sequence made it a precedence to be very respectful of the authentic present. However at the similar time, Home of the Dragon is doing issues its personal means.

The prequel has to earn being worthy of a ‘Game of thrones’ title

Simply because Home of the Dragon exists as a result of of Recreation of Thrones, that doesn’t imply the prequel is on the similar stage as the authentic sequence. Sapochnik says that if they begin each sentence with “Well, when we did Thrones, we did it this way…”, then they’ve already misplaced.

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“This is something else, and should be something else,” Sapochnik mentioned. “It’s a different crew, different people, different tone. Hopefully, it will be seen as something else. But it will have to earn that — it won’t happen overnight. Hopefully, fans will enjoy it for the thing that it is. We’ll be lucky if we ever come close to what the original show was, so we’re just putting our heads down and getting on with it and hoping what we come up with is worthy of having a Game of Thrones title.”

‘House of the Dragon’ can have a totally different tone

The director says they had been very respectful of what the authentic present is. He defined that it “wasn’t broken, so we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.”

House of the Dragon has its own tone that will evolve and emerge over the course of the show,” Sapochnik defined. “But first, it’s very important to pay respects and homage to the original series, which was pretty groundbreaking. We’re standing on the shoulders of that show and we’re only here because of that show.”

‘House of the Dragon’ relies on George R. R. Martin’s e book ‘Fire & Blood’

Home of the Dragon relies on Martin’s novel Hearth & Blood, which chronicles the rule of Home Targaryen. The main target is on a particular half of Targaryen historical past — the Dance of the Dragons. A bloody and brutal Targaryen civil battle that occurred at the top of the household’s energy.

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Recreation of Thrones talked about the Dance of the Dragons when Princess Shireen Baratheon reminded her father Stannis that “Brothers fought brothers, dragons fought dragons. By the time it was over, thousands were dead.”

Home of the Dragon will premiere on HBO Max in 2022. Seasons 1 by way of 8 of Recreation of Thrones can be found on HBO Max.

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