HGTV Star Emily Henderson Reveals How to Kick Up Your Next Backyard Party (Exclusive)

HGTV‘s Emily Henderson from Design Star knows how to throw the best backyard party this summer. The interior designer revealed that outdoor lighting and comfortable seating are key, but also what you serve to guests. Henderson offered expert insight exclusively with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, sharing that an inspiring backyard party isn’t as troublesome as it might appear.

Emily Henderson creates a ‘room’ in an out of doors house that begins with lighting

Henderson approaches an out of doors house the identical method as she works with an inside room. “Really design your outer space like it’s a room,” she steered. “Because you want to give it a purpose, but you also want to have people have a reason for them to come and be there and be comfortable.”

HGTV’s Emily Henderson at GAC, HGTV and DIY Community’s the Lodge at CMA Music Fest |Sara Kauss/WireImage

“So I think of ceiling, walls, and floors,” she added. “Because that’s what’s going to make the space feel intimate. So in an outdoor space, for the ceiling, you could have string lights, you can do torches, you could do an umbrella, you can do even place your dining table underneath the big tree and then hang lanterns from it. But just kind of a sense of saying not to close off anything, but just to have a little bit more intimacy.”

Create your room with outside parts like vegetation and patio furnishings, the ‘Design Star’ winner says

Henderson then turns her consideration to the “walls” within the house. “And then for the walls, depending on if you actually have walls like we have like an actual patio, that we can put string lights on the railings,” she mentioned. “But if you don’t, then bring in potted trees and potted plants, even if it’s just like in all four corners or three corners.”

Henderson emphasizes making an unlimited house really feel intimate and comfy. “And then the floor, it could be a rug, it could be decking, it could be stone,” she steered. “But just thinking of the floor will help ground the entire conversation area.”

She added that consolation ought to all the time be prime of thoughts, so keep in mind to use cushions and go for snug patio furnishings. However make certain cushions could be eliminated within the occasion of inclement climate.

Emily Henderson simply hosted the right yard occasion

Being aware about what cocktails and different drinks you serve to your visitors can be necessary. Henderson just lately partnered with premium alcohol seltzer PRESS to assist summer time entertainers create an elevated yard seltzer backyard expertise in their very own yards. 

“They just care so much more about the consumer,” Henderson remarked, including that PRESS is a woman-owned enterprise, which she will get behind. “And she was trying to fill a hole and there wasn’t really a good, fruit-forward, all-natural seltzer that was as elevated and pretty and high quality.”

When PRESS approached Henderson, she was prepared to throw a celebration with it. She shared photographs on Instagram from her occasion, which included a comfy firepit, snug throw pillows, and snacks. “For [the party], we had outdoor furniture, but we brought a lot of furniture from the indoor out. Like all the extra furniture you need for the drink stations.”

She used her plates, linens, and glasses from residence. “And it did look good together, but it looked eclectic and fun and way more special than disposable and obviously far better for the planet.”

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