Heather Gay Reveals How She Got the Black Eye During ‘RHOSLC’ Reunion Part 1

Heather Gay’s black eye was the speak of The Actual Housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis Season 3 and stays a scorching matter partially considered one of the reunion. After a drunken evening out in San Diego, Heather awoke with a blackened eye. Although she claimed she didn’t know the way she bought it at the time, Heather cleared the air throughout the RHOSLC reunion half one. Discover out as soon as and for all how Heather bought the black eye. 

Heather Gay | Charles Sykes/Bravo

Heather says she doesn’t know the way the black eye occurred throughout the ‘RHOSLC’ reunion half 1

As she revealed throughout the RHOSLC Season 3 reunion, Heather has no recollection of how she bought the black eye in San Diego. “I have no idea how it happened,” she informed Andy Cohen. 

An investigation was launched as a result of Heather was involved one thing sinister occurred that evening. “I woke up terrified,” Heather mentioned. Nevertheless, that investigation turned up nothing and as Cohen identified, there was no further footage from that evening, both. 

Why didn’t Heather say she knew what occurred throughout the San Diego journey?  

When she awakened with the black eye, Heather admitted she knew what occurred however didn’t need to discuss it together with her co-stars. When requested why she lied about realizing what occurred, Heather informed Cohen: 

“I was scared that [my castmates] would rewrite the narrative. If I said I didn’t know, they could say anything they wanted.” 

Heather Gay, ‘RHOSLC’ Season 3 reunion half 1

Heather's black eye was showcased heavily in season 3 of 'RHOSLC'
Heather Gay with a black eye | Bravo

A annoyed Lisa Barlow stepped in to chastise Heather for not telling the reality. “It impacted people on production that were up late with us and then it makes production look like they did it to you,” Lisa mentioned throughout the reunion. Heather took full duty for her actions. 

Heather Gay opens up about ‘Mormon shame’ throughout half 1 of ‘RHOSLC’ reunion

Heather mentioned she didn’t reveal the actual explanation for her black eye due to how “humiliating” the state of affairs was. “I don’t want to black out,” she defined. “I don’t want to get drunk, black out, and have no memory of it — it’s terrifying.” 

She continued: (*1*) 

Heather admitted she felt “guilt and shame” about blacking out and never with the ability to clarify what occurred. She by no means needed to implicate anybody on manufacturing or her castmates in the course of. The very last thing she remembers from that evening is flashing her breasts and saying: “Marilyn [Monroe] died in the nude.” 

Relive Heather’s black eye from San Diego

Heather turned up in San Diego after studying Whitney Rose put her on a “friendship break.” The following morning, Heather awakened with a horrific black eye and informed everybody she didn’t know what occurred.

“I just hope it goes away,” Heather mentioned in the “Unfashionable Behavior” episode of the Bravo sequence, which beforehand painted Jen as the wrongdoer. “I just don’t want to talk about it.” Now we all know that’s not the case.

Tune in subsequent week to listen to extra from the RHOSLC solid. Part two of the reunion airs Feb. 1.

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