‘He Was Every Mother’s Dream’

Within the mid-Fifties, Elvis Presley discovered that his fame gave an enormous increase to his courting life. Earlier than this, although, he didn’t have many girlfriends. Based on his bodyguard and pal, Pink West, Elvis had a set of inflexible guidelines for his romantic life. West described him as each mom’s dream.

Elvis had strict guidelines for courting

Within the early Fifties, Elvis had two critical girlfriends. He would later date round, however West mentioned he by no means did this earlier than fame.

“Up until he went into the army, he pretty much was only involved with two real girlfriends, both Southern, both charming, and both very pretty,” West mentioned within the e book Elvis: What Happened? by Steve Dunleavy. “One was Dixie Locke and the other girl was a lady named Anita Wood. He never took advantage of who he was.”

Anita Wooden and Elvis Presley | Bettmann/Contributor by way of Getty

West mentioned Elvis had a strict code of conduct for himself when he was round his girlfriends.

“He still had some pretty strict rules when dealing with women,” he mentioned. “He would never tolerate any of the guys around him cussing in front of ladies, and he would really get turned off if any of his friends went with a married lady or even a divorced lady. Things changed, of course.”

West believed any mom can be thrilled to be taught their daughter was courting Elvis, and never as a result of he was a rising star.

“He was every mother’s dream,” West mentioned, including, “He would ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am’ women half to death. He would always stand up when a woman came into a room. It was very natural at first.”

Elvis relaxed his guidelines for courting after fame

As Elvis grew to become extra profitable, although, West noticed Elvis start to chill out his guidelines for courting. His rising reputation elevated his confidence, and he needed to discover his choices with girls.

“Toward the end of 1955, and Elvis suddenly found that he was one helluv an attractive guy off stage as well as on,” West mentioned. “And he started to realize that women liked going to bed just as much as men did. One day in Memphis we were just cruising around in the pink Crown Victoria and we just came across two gals. I guess we knew them vaguely. They were more pick-ups than anything else.”

Priscilla Presley’s mom railed in opposition to Elvis

Whereas West mentioned Elvis was each mom’s dream, he was Priscilla Presley’s mom’s nightmare. She had a drawback with their relationship, however she disliked Elvis even earlier than he met her daughter.

A black and white picture of a young Priscilla Presley writing a letter next to a photo of Elvis in his army uniform.
Priscilla Presley | Bettmann/Contributor by way of Getty

“Some members of his adult audience were less enthusiastic,” Priscilla wrote in her e book Elvis and Me. “Soon his performances were labeled as obscene. My mother stated emphatically that he was ‘a bad influence for teenage girls. He arouses things in them that shouldn’t be aroused. If there’s ever a mothers’ march against Elvis Presley, I’ll be the first in line.’”

Regardless of her mom’s trepidation, Priscilla may by no means discover it in herself to dislike Elvis.

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