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Hannah Berner Confirms She Won’t Return, Thanks Gizelle Bryant, Porsha Williams, Not Kate Chastain

Hannah Berner confirmed she was not returning to Bravo’s Chat Room after Bravo introduced the collection would return in August. She thanked co-hosts Gizelle Bryant and Porsha Williams on her Instagram story, however left off any point out of Kate Chastain, the chief producer of the collection. Chastain made sharp remarks about Berner up to now, indicating there is no such thing as a love misplaced between the 2.

Hannah Berner says Gizelle Bryant  and Porsha Williams impressed her

Berner shared that it was a dream to be included within the first all-female Bravo discuss present and he or she’s pleased with the 42 episodes they filmed. “Because I’m not going back to Summer House, it didn’t make sense for me to return,” she continued. “As this is now a chapter in my life that is coming to a close.”

Under Deck‘s Kate Chastain from Bravo’s Chat Room | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“I want to thank Bravo for believing in me,” she added. “And my co-hosts Gizelle and Porsha for being so f–king amazing to work and collaborate with week to week. You guys inspire me more than you know and I cannot wait to continue watching and cheering on as a fan.” In Sept. 2020, Chat Room started as a foursome, which included Chastain. However instantly with none fanfare, Chastain instantly left the present in February.

Why was there pressure between Kate Chastain and Hannah Berner?

Chastain revealed she had a “red flag” second with Berner earlier than they began to shoot Chat Room. “I was a little bit worried when she said, ‘Oh my gosh it was such a hard season,’” Chastain recounted on the What Else Is Going On? With Taria S. Faison podcast.

“They all hated me,” Chastain recalled Berner telling her concerning the Summer time Home season. “I was like, oh why what happened? She said ‘Oh it’s because they’re all just jealous of my success.’”

“And when she said that, I remember what street I was driving on,” Chastain mentioned. “I remember the stop sign I stopped at, I remember exactly where I was when she said that. It was like a little red flag. Oh, honey if you are telling yourself that … that’s not why they hate you.” Chastain then predicted that Berner wouldn’t return to Chat Room or Summer time Home (which got here true).

Kate Chastain threw shade at Hannah Berner after she left ‘Summer House’

When Berner introduced she wouldn’t return to Summer time Home, Chastain tweeted a spicy remark. Inform me you’re fired with out telling me you’re fired #summerhouse,” she wrote, which shortly went viral

“Within like 60 seconds another friend in New York was like ‘Honey do you maybe wanna delete that tweet that you just said?’” Chastain mentioned on the Everyone is Terrible podcast. “It’s funny but maybe it’s a little too much.”

“And I was like well you can’t tweet and delete,” Chastain mentioned. “Was it too much? But honestly, I think knowing things I know … I know it’s definitely not too much.”

Kate Chastain mentioned a few of ‘Chat Room’ co-hosts would repurpose her jokes

One cause Chastain might have been a little bit additional shady with Berner is as a result of a few of her Chat Room co-hosts would transfer in on her jokes through the present. “I felt like I didn’t stand a chance after a while,” she mentioned on the Everyone seems to be Horrible podcast. “If we did a segment about some topic and then the showrunner would be like ‘Can we do that whole act again?’ We’d be like OK. If I had said something funny or clever about a topic, when we would re-shoot, one of them would jump in with what I had just said, as their own. And that would be the cut that was used.”

Plus, “There’s so much that we said that by whoever was choosing what they aired, what they were choosing, always a surprise to me,” she mentioned.

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