Halle Berry Was Once Told She Wasn’t Being Sexy Enough as a Bond Girl in ‘Die Another Day

Halle Berry as soon as turned a a part of the James Bond franchise’s mythology when she performed the Bond lady Jinx in Die Another Day. However the function generally wasn’t met with out challenges.

In certainly one of Berry’s most iconic scenes, the actor was informed she wasn’t being attractive sufficient for the take. This led to Berry shouting at these behind the scenes.

Why Halle Berry determined to develop into a Bond girlfriend

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Berry was reassured that her character was going to be written in another way than Bond women of the previous. In contrast to earlier Bond women, her Jinx would have a rather more outstanding function in Die Another Day. This made the X-Males star assured in taking the half.

“I was really excited about Bond because that’s a franchise that’s iconic. It’s a part of film history, really, so to be a part of that franchise was very meaningful to me. And this version of a Bond woman was very different than any Bond woman I had seen before,” she as soon as stated in an interview with Vanity Fair. “When Barbara Broccoli came to me with the role, she explained that I would get to be a different kind – a new kind – of Bond girl. Which would allow me to be more active and sort of be… working alongside Bond in a new way, and that really excited me.”

She additionally felt it could give her the chance to provide tribute to earlier Bond lady Ursula Anders in a new manner.

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“But also it excited me too to reimagine that great Ursula Anders scene that was so iconic… in a new way and pay homage to who she was and what this series was really all about,” she stated.

The scene in query was the Anders scene in the Bond movie Dr. No the place the actor emerges from the ocean. Berry would later re-imagine a comparable scene in Die Another Day.

How Halle Berry reacted to being informed she wasn’t being attractive sufficient for ‘Die Another Day’

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Berry’s bikini scene in Die Another Day took a lot of effort to movie good. For one, the water’s temperature wasn’t precisely best for the star. However other than that, Berry was urged to maneuver sexier. She would later shout at these behind the scenes, quipping that taking this recommendation may result in damage.

“The ocean was freezing! I needed to do it fairly a few occasions too. I went in the water and I went out the water. Then I needed to stroll up the seaside in a ‘certain way,’” she once told Total Film (via Contact Music). “‘They kept saying, ‘Can you be sexier?’, and I used to be like shouting again at them, ‘this is all the sexy I got! I’m gonna get hip dysplasia if I attempt to make it any sexier!’”

Nonetheless, nevertheless, the Oscar-winner was properly conscious that the shot was going to be particular when it was accomplished.

“We had a knowing that it would maybe, because it was in a Bond movie, become an iconic situation … something that would live a very, very long time,” she stated in an interview with Vogue.

Halle Berry was in starring in a Jinx spin-off

Berry had such a good time taking part in the character that she would’ve significantly thought of doing a spin-off movie if approached.

“If they ask me, honestly, if I could play Jinx and continue on with this character, I really love her, all that she embodies, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would just have to somehow work it out. And I love them. I love working for them,” she as soon as informed Chasing the Frog.

In accordance with South Coast Today, producer Barbara Broccoli revealed there have been even talks contemplating a proposed Jinx spin-off. However plans by no means got here to fruition.

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