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George Harrison Said Paul McCartney Hinted at Beatles’ Reunions for His Own Benefit 

In 1970, Paul McCartney introduced that The Beatles had damaged up, a lot to George Harrison and John Lennon’s irritation. Whereas they have been completely satisfied to not be within the band, they didn’t assume it was McCartney’s place to announce the break up. Harrison believed this kind of conduct was typical of McCartney. He complained that the bassist additionally used rumors of Beatles reunions to generate buzz for his albums.

Whereas selling his self-titled solo album in 1970, McCartney broke the information that The Beatles have been not collectively. Harrison appeared to imagine his former bandmate did it to assist promote his album. He stated that, in his opinion, McCartney did this usually through the years. 

“Paul has a way of using stuff. I mean, even now, if he is going to do a tour he’ll conveniently tell the press that we’re all getting back together again or something,” Harrison stated in The Beatles Anthology. “It’s just his way, really. It’s something that over the years may have kind of annoyed us, but I think after all these years we’re used to it. But in that period everybody was getting pissed off at each other for everything.”

Paul McCartney and George Harrison | Edward Wing/Each day Categorical/Hulton Archive/Getty Photographs

Within the case of the solo album, McCartney, Harrison believed his former bandmate wished to make use of press protection of the breakup to generate buzz.

“With his album, I think what he was trying to do was just grab a bit of the momentum of the time, and while everybody else was just accepting the fact that we’d split he was the one to use that for his own benefit: ‘Oh, my album’s coming out. And, incidentally, The Beatles have split up, you know.’”

Paul McCartney defended himself towards George Harrison’s assertion

Whereas McCartney understood why his bandmates might have felt this fashion, he defended himself towards Harrison’s phrases. He stated he was simply attempting to inform the reality to the general public, not make a seize at a chance for self-promotion.

“The others all saw me as the one who issued the statements, as if it was to my advantage (but I got caught with the LSD thing, and all I did on the break-up was, unlike them, to tell the truth),” he stated. “Years later, when the Anthology was coming together, I was asked in a press conference if we were getting back together. It was going to be true, so I said ‘yeah’, nothing more.”

George Harrison didn’t assume it was a good suggestion for The Beatles to get again collectively

McCartney, Harrison, and Ringo Starr teamed again as much as work on Anthology. This was not a reunion within the truest sense, although. Harrison wished no a part of that.

The Beatles | United Artists/Archive Photographs/Getty Photographs

“Everyone’s enjoying being individuals,” he stated in a press convention (by way of Ultimate Classic Rock). “We were boxed up for 10 years. So, it’s all fantasy about the Beatles coming together again. If we do it again, it will probably be because we’ll be broke and need the money.”

Varied members of the band have teamed up on songs and performances through the years. All 4 of them by no means labored collectively once more, although.

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