George Harrison Didn’t Know Where Paul McCartney Got His Melodies

George Harrison and Paul McCartney have been bandmates for over 10 years, however George by no means understood the place Paul obtained his melodies. He couldn’t replicate them.

Paul McCartney and George Harrison | Jim Grey/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Photos

George Harrison didn’t know the place Paul McCartney obtained his melodies

In a 1969 radio interview, George spoke with David Wigg about The Beatles’ latest album, Abbey Highway. He talked about his favourite songs on the brand new album, together with “Because” and two of Paul’s songs, “You Never Give Me Your Money” and “Golden Slumbers.”

Regardless of what was happening in The Beatles on the time and George and Paul’s tense relationship, George nonetheless had compliments about his soon-to-be ex-bandmate.

“You know, Paul always writes nice melodies,” George stated. “In fact, I don’t know where he finds them half the time. He’s amazing for doing that.”

In 1979, George additionally advised Rolling Stone that he preferred Paul’s melodies. “I’ve always preferred Paul’s good melodies to his screaming rock ‘n’ roll tunes.”

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George advised Paul he couldn’t write songs like him

Moreover Paul’s Abbey Highway tunes, George preferred his bandmate’s White Album track “Martha My Dear.” He as soon as advised Paul that he couldn’t write comparable songs.

Paul advised Barry Miles in Many Years From Now that it was an train. “When I taught myself piano I liked to see how far I could go, and this started life almost as a piece you’d learn as a piano lesson,” Paul defined. “It’s fairly exhausting for me to play, it’s a two-handed factor, like a little bit set piece.

“In reality I bear in mind one or two individuals being shocked that I’d performed it as a result of it’s barely above my stage of competence actually, however I wrote it as that, one thing a bit extra advanced for me to play. Then whereas I used to be blocking out phrases you simply mouth out sounds and a few issues come I discovered the phrases ‘Martha my dear.’

“So I made up another fantasy song. I remember George Harrison once said to me, ‘I could never write songs like that. You just make ’em up, they don’t mean anything to you.’ I think on a deep level they do mean something to me but on a surface level they are often fantasy like Desmond and Molly or Martha my dear.”

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A few of Paul’s songs didn’t impress his ex-bandmate

George may’ve preferred Paul’s melodies, however his ex-bandmate penned some songs he didn’t get pleasure from.

In 1979, George advised Rolling Stone that he thought Paul’s present music was “inoffensive.” He continued, “The tune I assumed was sensational on the London City album was ‘I’m Carrying,’ however all of the noisy, beaty issues I’m not into in any respect.

“But then that’s not only with Paul’s music, that goes right across the board. I’m not a fan of that sort of punky, heavy, tinny stuff. I like a nice melody.”

George felt he couldn’t write a pleasant melody like Paul, however he did. He wrote many stunning melodies.

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